Worship Lord Ganesha this Wednesday

                                                              Worship Lord Ganesha this Wednesday for Goodluck

Old belief that special day of worship Lord Ganesha is Wednesday. Additionally, as planet Mercury is also associated with Wednesday so it is worshiped on this day. If Mercury is in the horoscope of a person in a bad situation These remedies can be done by you on Wednesday.

1. On Wednesday early morning take baths and visit the temple of Lord Ganesha and Sri Ganesh, offer lawn durva. Lawn durva should offer in 11 or 21 knots.

2. Feed cow green grass. According to the scriptures, the cow is considered sacred and holy. who serve the cow the person remains the grace of all the gods.

3. A person can donate wheat . Wheat grains related to the planet Mercury. The donation of the wheat helps decreasing bad effects of planet Mercury.

4. In the little finger wear emerald gemstone. Emerald should be wear only after the consultation of  expert astrologer..

5. Offer Modok to Lord Ganesh.

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