Wear lucky 7 colors for 7 days

Seven Days, Seven colors

The beautiful seven-hued rainbow, fashioned by the rays of the sun passing through drops of water within the sky, exhibits the seven basic colors in one prism. the colors square measure called VIBGYOR, wherever V stands for violet, I for indigo, B for blue, G for inexperienced, Y for yellow, O for orange and R for red. In Hindu tradition, particularly in north India, totally different colors square measure thought-about auspicious for various weekdays. These colors are accustomed patch up the planets ruling the actual day. folks sometimes wear garments of the lucky color on the day.

2. Mon Is regarding the color White

Monday being related to the moon, the white color of the moon reigns supreme. Therefore, selecting the white color for clothes too proves to be terribly lucky. White garments are often accessorized with white jewelry like pearls and diamonds.

3. Tues Is For Hues of Red

Dress in reminder red, and wear red stone jewelry like rubies or corals.

4. Wednesday Is For Going green

On Wednesdays, the color green rules. It’s for inexperienced dresses and green stone jewelry, like emeralds, zade and transparent gem.

5. On Thursdays, It’s All Yellow

Thursday is regarding yellow stone jewelry and golden dresses.

6. Fridays Is regarding Pinks

On Fridays, select pink. Pink garments, rose-coloured stones, rubies, garnets, blood stones etc.

7. On Saturdays, Go Black

On Saturdays, everything black works. As do blues, indigo and purples. Blue stones like blue sapphire, mineral and black purple stones like amethyst conjointly work wonders.

8. Sundays Is All colors Of The Sun

The day is related to the sun. Therefore, chant orange prayer beads for fast results, to beat enemies, for cover from toxic articles, etc. Of course, sporting orange garments and jewelry is a component of the deal.

9. Gods for every Day

As mentioned, the colors for every day are literally determined by the celestial gods for every day. So, let’s examine what gods rule. Monday: Chandra; Tuesday: Mangala; Wednesday: Buddh; Thursday: Brihaspati; Friday: Shukra; Saturday : Shani; and Sunday: Hindu deity.

Not simply Indian

These colors type a part of not simply Indian culture however Thai tradition also…

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