Vedic Remedies to Get Your Dream Job!

Vedic Remedies to get a Dream Job!

Unemployment is a huge problem at present. Not having a job in hand is not acceptable in society or in the family. To earn respect you need to have a good career. If you are unemployed and cannot find jobs but you are capable, there is no need to be disappointed. Some simple measures can be your solution to this problem. These measures include:

1. Go to the temple of Hanuman on Saturday with 1.25 kgs Motichoor laddoos. Lite a Ghee lamp, sit in the temple with garlands of red sandalwood and chant a quatrain written down 108 times:

Kawaj so kaaj kathin jag mahi,

Jo nahi hoye taat tum pahin.

Then after daily, for 40 days chant the same lines at your home temple for 108 times. This will soon resolve your problem.

2. Visit the Hanuman temple daily starting from any Tuesday morning, for 40 days. Go to the temple barefoot and must offer red roses to Lord Hanuman. Doing so increases the chances of getting the job.

3. If you are going for a job interview, first take the red sandalwood beads and chant the following mantra 11 times:

Om Vakratundaya Houm!

Before Jaap worship Lord Ganesha and offer milk to Lord Ganapati.

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