Vaastu Tips for Positive Vibrations

                                                Vaastu Tips for Positive Vibrations

Vastu Shastra works on the principle of positive and negative energy. If an object is placed at the wrong place in the house that negative energy is increasing. The house is in the negative energy, can be seen as the mental stress  on people living there. Also, other in other work also you don’t get good results. Vastu tips to follow for good atmosphere in the house. Here’s some tips, which increases the positive energy in the home …

1.  In house Basil plant should be planted.  water to tulsi, should be offer in the morning. In Basil, in evening light the lamp. East or north direction are best to plant basil it increase in self-confidence

2. The main door of the house to the east or north is excellent, but if  it’s not then on the main door of the house use  Swastika, shri ganesh, 786 or any auspicious sign.

3.  The number of doors and windows in the house, should be even in  number i. e 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 doors windows should open inward, it is excellent.

4. The house should not be having wasteful and useless stuff. These cretae stress at home.

If you need monetary gain safe should face north or east. 

6. vault door should have a picture of Mahalakshmi seated on the lotus seat.

7. On the south wall mirror should not. If Mirror on the wall, then east or north will be the best.

8. The crack on the wall or ceiling, then it needs to be a quick fix.

9. In the evening, the lights in the entire house must be on for a while.

10. spider webs in the house should not be. When this happens, planet Rahu creates trouble in work.

11. Acc to vaastu if you keep head east and ate food it gives long life.

12. People who eat and facing north, as well as the longevity  and monetary gains are seen by Lakshmi.

13.  South direction is considered to be Yama death. And doing dinner by keeping face in this direction gives fear and people see bad nightmares.

14. West facing eating the food may not recover from bad health. 

15. Always sit on the ground to eat, but do not put the plate on the ground. A plate of food put on a post or position to be placed

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