These 6 things at home, this keeps all the negative vibes away…

Bring home good luck, keep these things in home

There are certain things you should keep in your home to bring good luck.  To raise the flow of money and peace in the home one should always keep these things in home. This brings positive energy as well as good health. 

1. The Three Legged Lucky Frog

Three Legged FrogThree-legged frog is considered very lucky. According to Feng Shui, the three-legged frog with a coin in the mouth is very important. It should be kept near the front door inside your house. Do not keep frogs in the kitchen or toilet, this invites misfortune.

2. The Laughing Buddha – God of prosperity

Laughing BuddhaIf you want to gain economic success this will certainly help you. Keep this in the diagonal direction in your living room from the main entrance. This brings home happiness and prosperity.

3. The Golden Fish

Golden FishesIt is believed that keeping the golden fishes in the house brings good luck. These fishes are effective way to increase name, fame and money. Do not keep the golden fish in your bedroom, kitchen or toilet, always keep them in your drawing room.

4. Pair of Dragon

Pair of DragonAccording to Feng Shui dragon is a symbol of prosperity. The pearls of their foot stores most energy. Feng Shui Dragon is counted in the celestial beings. Dragon denotes masculinity, courage and bravery, it is the symbol of immense power. Double Dragon can be placed in any direction, but east is the best direction to keep it.

5. Three coins – Brings Prosperity

Lucky CoinsAccording to Feng Shui coins tied with red ribbon if hanged on the door of the house brings wealth and prosperity. Keep in mind that only three coins should be tied and tie them from inside the door. The coins are said to bring Lakshmi home, the coins should always be hanged on the front door.

6. Turtle – The symbol of Prosperity

Lucky TurtleTurtle in Feng Shui is considered very auspicious. It brings home health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. It should be kept in the north direction of office or house. The face of the turtle should face. Never keep it in pairs.

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