Start your work on the lucky day for you…

Do you Know Which Day Is Lucky To Start with?

Lucky dayIn astrology there are particular days for all the special thing to do, to start any new business, job or work different days are mentioned. It is said that the when a new work is started it should be started at lucky day as it Increases the chances of success in all works. If a particular work is started on the wrong day it will give you trouble in future. You can check what lucky & unlucky day is.

Monday is Lucky for:

Agricultural equipment can be purchased, sow fruit trees in the garden, Business of clothes or gems, to buy and sell, if you want to travel, art work, to start a new work, to hold jewelry, and animal husbandry Monday is good.

Tuesday is Lucky for:

Detective work, poke, give credit, give testimony, fire work, military work related to the war and the policy debates to decide, adventure etc. is good for Tuesday. Tuesday’s debt does not bode well.

Wednesday is Lucky for:

Give loans, work-related education, early learning, to make bookkeeping, accounting, craft work, construction work, give notice, house-like, is good Wednesday for work related to politics.

Thursday is Lucky for:

Taking science education, religion, justice-related work, sacrificial rituals, art-related education to start, home to worship in peace, auspicious act, to assume a new position, to hold jewelry, travel, new vehicle driving,intake of medicines on Thursday & for the start of construction works is good.

Friday is Lucky for:

Family work to start, secret things to consider, love attitudes, friendliness, dress up, wearing gem stones, the beginning of construction work, perfumes, drama, film, music is Good Friday for the start of work related. Also, grain stores fill, farming, cereal planting, educational attainment is also the day.

Saturday is Lucky for:

To enter into the new house, employ, metal machinery-related work, to testify, to start a new business, the debate settled, vehicle purchase etc. can be served on Saturday. Sow, farm related work should not be started on Saturday.

Sunday is Lucky for:

Medicine drugs or you can start intake of any medicine, riding car, job, animals purchased, sacrifice, worship, weapons – clothing purchased, metal purchase, and taking advice on any debate/topic is good.

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