Reason Behind Shani Curse !!!

Reason Behind Shani Curse

According to astrology Saturn is a slow-moving planet. Shani to exceed an amount which takes approximately two and half year to complete. There are some stories mentioned in our scriptures or we can say some reasons behind the slow walk and some stories have been written. Which is described in the scriptures that Shani is limp & his running speed is slow.  

Shani’s lag behind the classical reasons are many. Two stories in the Scriptures on this subject are the most prevalent. Through this article, we have a unique story of your readers are going to tell two stories. The stepmother of Shani have given curse. Let us know the mystery associated with the life of Lord Shani.    

Sangaya cannot bear the glory of God because surya wife sangaya (shadow) Devi, an image similar to her body prepared to put her name Swarna. Swarna Devi have given all rights of wife to her shadow swarna, and said to take care in her absence for all her children and husband. Then she went to her father’s house. Swarna also molded in such a way that Suryadev also didn’t know the secret. 

Meanwhile, the five sons and two daughters were from Swarna happened from Surydev. Swarna pay more attention on her children then the children of the sangaya and they became less noticeable. One day, the shani son of sangaya was very hungry, so he asked for food from Swarna. The Swarna said just wait, first let me serve to God and let your younger siblings, feed, then you’ll eat. Listening to this lord shani became angry and he raised his foot to kick the food and immediately she have given curse to Shani that your leg may get broken. 

Shani afraid to hear the curse of mother & ran to father and said the whole matter. Surydev understood that any mother can not give her child this kind of curse. Then he immediately went to his wife and in anger asked who are you? Swarna scared seeing the glory of the sun and told the whole truth. Then the sun god explained Shani that the Swarna is not your mother, but same as the mother, so the curse would not be in vain, but it will not be as hard to separate the leg completely. Yes, you will be a lifelong limp foot. That is the reason Shani’s have to crawl.

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