Pilgrimage in India famous for performing Shradh rituals


One of the foremost sacred place among the “Hindus”, the “Pehowa” lies at a distance of twenty seven km from “Thanesar”. the traditional city of Pehowa incorporates a non secular importance. The city of “Pehowa” was named when the famed King “Prithu”. The historicity of the place as well as its non secular significance makes Pehowa one amongst the foremost wanted holidaymaker destination.

The ancient city of “Pehowa”, is dowered with several Hindu temples which attracts many devotees through out the year. Consistent with a historical legend the famed and mighty King Prithu, on the death of his father was giving water to any or all the individuals. Sitting on the banks of the sacred stream Yamuna, the King carried on with this humble activity in order that the soul of his father rests in peace. From that point forwards, the place came to be referred to as “Prithudaka”. With the passage of your time, the first name of “Prithudaka” was altered to “Pehowa”.

Many “Hindus” flock to the Canaan of “Pehowa” to worship their death ancestors and supply “Pind Daan” so as to unharness the soul of the deceased from the cycle of birth and re- birth. One will expertise death from a awfully shut quarters within the Canaan of “Pehowa”, wherever most of the holidaymaker return to pay their last non secular offerings to their close to and expensive ones.

The city of “Pehowa” is endued with a noted and distinctive temple of “Lord Shiva” and his eldest son “Lord Kartikkya”. This ancient temple of Lord Shiva is devoted to a “five faced” lovely sculpture of the “Supreme Being”. The temple is crowded by the guests UN agency supply prayer to hunt divine blessings of “God”.

Mythic History

This was referred to as ‘Prithudaka’ within the epics of Mahabharat named when the King Prithu prayed for the salvation of his fathers soul here. Wherever the tradition of Shraddha to fathers is obtainable. it’s set twenty seven klick west of Thanesar. The place boasts of existence from AD 882 however an inscription written on that states that it absolutely was truly inbuilt AD 895. Legend has it that once the daddy of King Prithu was nearing his death, he wished his son to satisfy only 1 would like of his. He wished to breathe his last close to the stream Yamuna Prithudak.

The dutiful son organized for constant, wherever his father departed the planet of the mortals. stuffed with regret, Prithu weekday observing the stream for several days at a stretch and created myriad offerings to God and discovered quick too. The place wherever he’s believed to own discovered the quick for many days has been named Prithudak Teertha. several ghats and temples have currently been created in relevancy the honour of the king’s sacrifice.

The Lord Kartikay temple at the stairway is constructed at the location (as quoted by the temple priest) wherever Lord kartikay upon reaching back when going round the universe as per directions from Lord Shiva and Parvati removed his skin and left it with Maa Parwati. The temple has a pair of rock blocks and a picture of Lord Kartikay in marble flanked by a pair of oil lamps. Shri Krishna created Yudhishtir lightweight those 2 lamps for the 18,00,000 people that perished in mahabharat. the same lamps are burning since the day. Oil is obtainable to the stone blocks, the marble image and therefore the lamps for relieving pain of Lord Kartikay and of the souls of ancestors. If the story is true then by the foremost conservative estimates, the temple would be a minimum of 4500 years previous.

The most fascinating factor to be discovered at the place is that the record of families unbroken since mahabharat. The purohits(priest) sit round the place in tiny retailers are keeping records of families visiting the place since mahabharat (as per my family purohit). ” the records were being maintained since mahabharat of all the individuals visiting to induce the rites performed. These were partially burnt by the Muslim rulers, once large conversions were created forcibly, to get rid of any track of the family tree”. Still one will realize records of a minimum of past four hundred years and acquire the complete tribe.

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