Lord Kuber- God of Money

                                        Please the God of wealth!

Lord Kuber is known as the god of wealth. Lot of people worship Lord Kuber to attain wealth, however very less people know the story of his origin. If you offer fast to Lord Kuber he always bestows his grace on you, this tale is found in Srivrahpuran.

Origin of Lord Kuber


According to the epics, Lord Kuber was in the form of air earlier, he attained his body on Lord Bramhas request. When Lord Brahma was creating the universe, he blowed out air from his mouth. That air started to move everywhere with high speed, which created sand storm. To bring this situation in control, Lord Bramha requested the wind to calm down and attain a body. This is how Lord Kuber came into existence. Being happy with Lord Kuber, Lord Brahma made him the Lord of wealth and he was then known as Dhanpati.

Fast on Ekadashi to please the Lord

To please Lord Kuber one should fast on Ekadashi. Instead of eating cooked food one should eat only fruits and worship the lord with all the devotion. Lord Kuber fulfils all the wishes of the people offering fast and worshipping him.

“Om Yaksha Rajaya Vidmahe, 
Vaishravanaya Dimahi, 
Tanno Kuberah Prachodayat”

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