Light the lamp at Shani temple this way on Saturday

                                           Light the lamp at Shani temple this way this Saturday

On Saturday, Shani dev and Hanuman are worshiped especially. According to astrology Saturday to get the grace of Lord Shani is the best day. The day of the measures taken can be cool Saturn’s fault. It is said that worshipping Hanuman also help to get rid of Saturn’s evil fruit. This is why many people today worship Lord Hanuman. Here’s Saturday … The small 6 measures

1 . Lamp Light (Diya)

You light a lamp at sunset at Pepal tree. People can light it at nearby temple where you can find pepal tree.


2. Blue flower must offer to shani

Offer oil to shani  and worship. Shani should be offered blue flowers and chant this mantraOm Shan Shanachraye Namah.


3. Holy Water must offer to Pepal tree

Pepal tree should be offered holy water every Saturday, worship and take seven circle. Use copper utensil for holy water.


4 . Donate Oil

Every Saturday after morning baths oil should be donated. Take the oil in a bowl and see your face in it, then donated to a needy person.


5. Vermilion must offer

Hanuman must offer vermilion and jasmine. Hanuman Chalisa reading gives fruitful result.


6. Offer monkeys Molasses and feed gram ( gurr and chana)

Hanuman is worshiped as apes. To make Bajrang Bali delight molasses and grains should feed the monkeys. This helps even in keeping shani happy. 


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