Know your hidden future through 52 Playing cards

                                    Know your hidden future through 52 Playing cards

You must surely have noticed, people playing cards . It is possible that you have played the game. But the cards are not the only entertainment on the road are not helpful in your leisure. Rather , you will be successful or not in your future, Now you can know answers to your question yourself. You just need to do Is that –

There are 52 cards in total. Now you can mix these cards in the same way you use to mix while playing. Then focus your question in the mind and in the name of God, pick a leaf. Now the card you picked  will tell what is going to happen. Following are the predictions:

If you got Red  of Ace – Then the question you have in your mind – about the work will be completed successfully very soon.

If you got the Black of Ace – it means work will be processed but it is possible but it may take a long time.

Card is the number 2 of any color, then it means – you have to work a lot more to success in your work.

If you got number 3-  work will succeed , but you will have to face lot difficulty.

If you got number 4 – It indicates that your work will be successful & you can get benefits.

If you got number 5-  it suggests that work will be delayed. Work will also face many hurdles.

If you got number.6 –  it is assumed that the work will succeed soon.

If you got number.7- then it is assumed that half of your work will be incomplete

If you got number 8 – That the work can become, but you will have to  take someone help to finish the task.

If You got number 9- It means that work will not be completed at once.

If the card is the number 10, it is also considered auspicious, and your work will be completed easily.

If you get slave(gulam) leaf. If it is in your hands, then it means that your work will become but with very difficulty.

If you get The king of cards- It is considered a sign that your work will be very soon and easily.

If you got Queen –  This means that the work will be finished with the cooperation of the person of the opposite sex.

Cards, numerology regarding the future of knowing how to say that your planet and ongoing favorable conditions in the even number of cards such as 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 so it is good for you as indicator. This creates the possibility of getting the job success and profit. While working on the odd numbers tell hidden problems will arise. Red leaf is indicative of the success is the black card  gives problem. So, Now pick up the cards and Know your future.

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