Know how the year 2016 will be according to Numerology

Know how the year 2016 will be according to Numerology

Know how the year 2016 will be according to Numerology


Have you ever heard that, the date on which we are born has a close relationship to our character and the future. Yes … in the eyes of the ancient mode Numerology is possible say it all the date, the month and the year of our birth, the relationship and combination of these three figures is our life.


Let us show you what does the coming New Year 2016 say about you.


Number 1(People born on 01,10,19,28) 2016 is going to be quite exciting for these people, the reason is  you are bringing some changes. Yes …  You will bring some changes in yourself or your surroundings, which in due course will lead to exciting situations. In total the year will be positive, just keep your temper restraint.


Number 2 (People born on 02,11,20,29) You just simply need to be patient, if you do this, 2016 will be the best year of your life. Because this year is full of new opportunities, you will achieve the best results from every object. Chances are you get too busy to be successful throughout the year, but in the end it is certain that you will get good results.


Number 3 (People born on 03,12,21,30) In the New Year you will see the gradual success, both in work and private life you will get the best results. Note that you will find yourself far more excited in the new energy and you may in excitement tend to take some wrong decisions.


Number 4 (People born on 04,13,22,31)  You must tighten your waist, because many jobs are going to come for you in the coming years. What is hard blood earned money you will know this year. You will get to do lots of work do with full concentration, you’ll have to work from brain otherwise this will not be fruitful.


Number 5 (People born on 05,14,23) The New Year will be filled with a few hiccups, but you will have the opportunity to overcome small problems this will reflect your ability to catch up on the cross. If you customize every situation and moved ahead the New Year will be perfect for you and will bring New You.


Number 6 (People born on 06,15,24)  We will not talk about career or economic conditions related to the number 6, we will tell considerations in your personal life, because this year will take you to the family and friends. But need not to worry, because this year will bring you close to your loved ones, and the relationship will go stronger.


Number 7 (People born on 07,16,25)  The New Year is itself changed for you. You may see your personal identity and development. You may find opportunities in which you can prove yourselves.


Number 8 (People born on 08,17,26)  Get ready to do a lot of work this year. By now, you were fun to work with, but in the New Year you need to put in your time and brain in both. It is likely that your hard work will bring good fruit.


Number 9 (People born on 09,18,27) Work and personal lives probably will not see major changes, but on the other hand will lead to circumstances or reality you are unaware of. There is no need to panic, just have something that you did not expect this year, so stay tuned.


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