Importance of Satyanarayan Katha at home

                                              Why do we organise Satyanarayan Katha at home?

In India among the Hindu people, most prestigious festival Katha is for Lord Vishnu, known as Satyanarayan Katha. God is worshiped in many forms, god’s form of Satayanarayan in this story. Scholars believed the Skanda Purana mentions this story in Rewakhand. The original text is available on the variant, about 170 Sanskrit verses, which are divided into five chapters. The two main topics of this story, the one of which is the resolution and the other is Apamaan of the offerings Apaman. The fast story is narratively told through short stories in different chapters, which shows who do not follow the truth have to face many kind of problems. Therefore, vow to follow the truth in life with integrity. Failure to do so not only offends God, but also penalises you with loss of assets also deprives you with the pleasure of family. In this sense the narrative truth in public reputation are popular and acceptable religious literature. Often this is read on the full moon day with the family. This legend cn also be said on other festivals and rituals as directed by your pandit.

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