Importance of bath at auspicious time

                                                                                     Auspicious Time To Bath

According to the Puranas its said Brhmmuhurt bath is the perfect bath. Should oil massage before bath. It is said when person takes bath early in morning before sunrise at brahammuhurut, he get the grace of god as well as his luck also increases.

According to the scriptures and holy books when you got up early in the morning and bath in Brhmmuhurt you get following benefits.

1. Evergreen beautiful and  remain young forever. 

2. Skin remains sharp and attractive. 

3. This makes the skin glow and skin diseases do not occur. 

4. Purity in thoughts. Wrong ideas from the mind is removed 

5. Increases resistance to disease.

6. Mental strength and wisdom grows & the individual is able to make the appropriate decisions. 

7. Most nightmares come only in the divine moment or you can say in Barahammuhurat. It is said if we wake up in this time and take a bath then we can be saved from bad dreams usually come to human.

8. Positive energy all day persists in the body and you can avoid unnecessary fatigue.

9. Healthy physique will build and it increases life span.

10. Reputation increases in society.

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