For better LOVE life.This can be your gift!!

For successful love gift your partner this :

Emerald (means Panna in hindi) gemstone representing the planet Mercury (Budh) ,so the person wearing emerald all the bad effects of planet mercury gets disappear automatically. Emerald brings marital bliss with lot of  sweetness between spouse. It is also good for people those who are trying to have child and also helps to grow finances. The person who is suffering from bad luck or mercury is not in right position it will affect them positively. Also people belong to Gemini & Virgo Sunsign it brings luck to them and it is very useful in their day to day life. If students wear the emerald then their mind becomes sharp and goddess saraswati always helps in achieving good marks.

This is even best gift for people born on 05th, 14th & 23rd

If any person gift this gem to their lover it definitely brings success in love. Also after wearing it helps in concentration. It helps individual to balance and relax mind in tough times. Mercury planet is related to communication & voice of an individual. Therefore it is said Emerald is very useful gem. Also if you are not able to stop money and not able to raise money in bank you can wear it for inflow of money. The emerald gem should be of 5 carat at least. Emerald should wear in gold, silver or platinum ring.

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