Follow these Vastu Tips this Diwali, Laxmi will stay at your Home!

Follow these Vastu Tips, Laxmi will stay at your Home this Diwali!

Diwali, festival of lights, Laxmi pooja. We all eagerly wait for this festival throughout the year. We all are excited to celebrate the festival of lights.Mahalaxmi

The most important part of this festival is the cleaning of the house, which starts much before Diwali arrives. It is an important part as we prepare and decorate our homes to welcome Goddess Laxmi. It is believed that Mahalaxmi resides at your home only when it is clean, Laxmi is believed to be the sign of wealth and prosperity.

 To bring wealth and prosperity home, it is really important to arrange things according to vastu.

We should throw out all the useless and damaged things out of the home.

Make rangoli at the enterance of your home, this brings happiness, prosperity and fame.

Put toran on the door, if your home is north-east facing blue color toran is lucky. If your home is south facing red or saffron color toran is best, for the west facing yellow color is suitable.

Do now leave any spider webs on the walls or corners of your house.

Worship Lord Ganesha and Mahalaxmi sitting in the east or north east direction.

Follow these small vastu tips and let the wealth stay your home this Diwali.HAPPY DIWALI!

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