Festival of Joy – Lohri

Festival of Joy – Lohri

Lohri is celebrated in the land of Punjab. Lohri is traditionally a pageant of Punjabis, but it’s also celebrated by way of persons of different Northern Indian States like Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. Lohri is essentially the most fashionable harvest show of Punjab and is celebrated amidst first-rate cheerfulness and glory.

Historical past of Lohri

The festival Lohri has a very historical history. The festival marks the tip of the cold chilly iciness and welcomes the arrival of spring and New year. It’s believed that Lohri is the longest night of the year. After Lohri, the times grow to be longer and the nights shorter.

Lohri is celebrated in remembrance of Dulha Batti. Dulha Batti was once a Muslim robber who lived for the period of the era of King Akbar. He was once a robber but an excellent person. He  usually steal from the wealthy people and distribute the wealth among the poor and needy. He rescued ladies who have been being forcibly taken away. He arranged marriages of younger women with Hindu Boys and paid the dowries. He was a hero among the regional Punjabis there who adored and respected him. Most Lohri songs are sung in praise of Dulha Batti which offer their respect to him.

Lohri marks the movement of the surya toward the north (Uttaryan) versus the south. (Dakshinayan). It’s considered to be an incredibly auspicious time because the solar enters the Tropic of Capricorn from the Tropic of cancer. It is a pageant dedicated to the solar God and hearth.

How Lohri obtained its title

There are many assumptions as to how Lohri bought its name. Some believe that the identify Lohri is derived from Loi, who was once the wife of Sant Kabir. Some others trust that the word Lohri comes from the phrase Loh which is an appliance used for making chappatis in group feasts. One more belief says that the pageant Lohri is called after Lohri who was the sister of Holika. It is believed that Holika  die within the earth at the same time her sister saved and lived. Some others feel that the ingredients like til and rorhi had been merged collectively to form the word tilorhi which finally obtained shortened to Lohri.

Lohri Celebrations

Like some other pageant, Lohri brings collectively household, relatives and associates. Humans meet each different and exchange sweets. It is a harvest competition and mainly foremost for farmers, but it’s celebrated with great passion via all Punjabis. On this day, they mild a bon fire and dance round it. People throw rewaries, sugar-sweet, popcorn, sesame seeds, gur, and so on into the fire and sing and dance around it. Individuals wear their colourful and brightest garments and dance the Bhangra or Gidda to the beat of the Dhol. Lohri to farmers signifies the new beginning in new year.

Every year Punjabis living and settled distance faraway from Punjab and reside in other cities of India additionally celebrate Lohri. In areas like Mumbai, Punjabis celebration to light a bon fireplace and have fun Lohri.

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