Dreams can be a Mirror of your Future!

                                                       Dreams can be a Mirror of your Future!

Dreams can become a mirror of your future unless you know how to read their messages. Where your dreams give the message through various symbols in respect of your personality, they also give you early warning. Moreover, some dreams also inform you about the future. So let’s learn about dreams.

  • If you see a person in your dream and you saw him sitting on the boat or sea vessel in stormy weather the person may face adversity in life. If he falls off the ship there may be a business loss.

  • If a women sees herself getting a valuable thing in her dream, she will be blessed with marital happiness.

  • If a girl dreams of seeing fair or exhibition with her husband, she gets a husband with strong fundamentals and beliefs.

  • If a person sees embroidered garments in dream, he will get sensible and thrifty wife.

  • Eating juicy fruits in your dream is believed to be very good sign. Seeing yourself raising kids in dream is a sign of family happiness.

  • Seeing toys in dreams brings kids news to your home.

  • If a failure occurs in a dream, the reality will be opposite. Similarly, if you see yourself getting insulted you will receive dignity and respect.

  • If a person turns his enemy into friend in dream than he gets rapid growth in his business.

  • If you see the dome of a big building in your dream, you may get a promotion.

  • If a person sees himself unhappy in his dream, he will receive happiness and prosperity in life.

  • Chanting beads in your dream will make you stress free.

  • Seeing roses in your dream fulfils your wishes.

  • If a person sees a carpenter who is working in the building then his financial position is strengthened.

  • If a person sees himself flying kite his business flourishes.

  • If you see death in your dream, there may be a drastic change in your life.

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