DOG-All danger is driven away

You Should have a Dog at home!

Since ancient times there is trend of keeping pet at home. According to astrology & vaastushastra birds, animals have incredible power to control negative vibrations in our home or at place where we live. It is said Bharaiv god and Shanidev love the dogs and because of this dogs have power to sense any negative thing going to happen with any individual or family. Also dogs can take all the problem upon them before it reaches to the owner of family.

According to shakun shastra dog is considered gemstone more loyal than  person, he can predict future by his actions and can tell if something is good or bad. Black Dog has proven most useful and good.

If anyone raise black dog in the house shanidev is always happy with them. The black dog is the vehicle of Lord Shani. People who love dogs, feed them food thrice in a day shani dev is very happy with them. The grace of God Shani is so powerful that it destroys all dangers from life. Sadhesati, Dhaieya or any hurdle in kundli can be overcome by keeping black dog in home.

– Morning and evening feeding food to black dog helps to get stuck money back quickly.

– Raising Black Dog in home helps to take any uncertainty & crisis looming over the house black dog takes on himself.

–  Lack of money is not seen where black dog is raised.

– Person get rid of diseases like stomachache, joint pain and other ailments.

– Also black dog helps in keeping ill effects of ketu away.

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