Cure your Shani This Saturday

Remedies for Bad Shani in your Date of Birth

On Saturday, Lord Shani and Hanuman are worshiped especially. According to astrology Saturday is the best day to get the grace of Lord Shani. This day if you do certain things associated to Shani it helps to cope bad effects of shani dosh. Worshiping lord hanuman on Saturdays also helps to get out of problems, as according to our old scriptures Shani only listens to Lord hanuman.This is why many people worship Lord Hanuman on Saturday .

Effects of Shani (Saturn)

–       It includes feet, legs, nervous system, large intestine & lymphatic vessels

–       Disease’s due to inauspicious Saturn in Date of Birth

  •   Long term illness
  •   Chronic illness
  •   Arthritis
  •   Paralysis
  •   Dental problem
  •   Skin problem
  •   Swelling in legs

The small 5 steps to get rid of bad Shani from Kundli –

1. Every Saturday take early morning baths and donate oil. Take the oil in a bowl and see your face in it, then donated to a needy person.

2. The oil can be offered on lord shani with blue color flower’s.

3. People must offer holy water to Pepal tree and should take 7 round’s and do their prayer.

4. Put the lamp(diya)at the time of sunset on Pepal tree. Pepal tree can be located in temple or anywhere in isolation.

5. Reading hanuman chalisa will bring luck.

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