Bhishma Pitamaha had told these things about the women to yudhisthira

Bhishma Pitamaha had told these things about the women to yudhisthira

Women in Hinduism is seen in terms of esteem and respect. Hindu scriptures many great fidelity to husband and strong will power of women is described. Women have many things to do in regard to the nature and characteristics.

 Similarly, with regard to women in the Mahabharata also describes some special things. The things lying down on a bed of arrows in the Mahabharata, Bhishma Pithamha had told to Yudhisthira. Some of these things are relevant in todays time. These include:

Women should not dishonored

Grandsire Bhishma told Yudhisthira that wherever in the house the disrespect of women, that family and person always fail in life. Daughters & Daughters-in-law should be treated equally and vice versa as if not treated with happiness the end of that family is not good nor money remains at their home.

Women in anger can give curse

If women treated badly and men insult them then if women give curse it turns to be real as Godess Lakshmi hear it early. It can destroy men glory, prosperity and wealth. So, if respected at home it can bring good luck for men.

Where is the honor of the woman, the gods reside

Grandsire Bhishma, according to  him if you cannot take care of the women and cannot fulfill her wishes then God is also not happy with same men. Therefore women should always be respected. Where women are respected, the god and Lakshmi always live in their house.

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