According to Vishnu Puran Man should not marry Woman with these four qualities :

According to Vishnu Puran Man should not marry Woman with these four qualities :

The sixteen values ??of human life is an important rite of marriage. Marital bliss is only where your spouse is supportive. One should choose to marry a woman who can handle with love to both her husband and family. Vishnu Purana have described many things in relation to women. 4 Such girls are described in this mythology, which should not marry, Know These 4 girls who are:

1. long sleepers

Women who sleeps for long hours because women cannot have a family responsibility. While sleeping late is a sign of laziness. Lazy woman cannot keep the house clean. To get the blessings of Lakshmi at home it is important to maintain Cleanliness.. Poverty also increases due to this. Additionally oversleeping can also cause many diseases. Therefore, one should not marry a woman, who sleep till late or lazy.

2. The parent side have a relationship

A person should never marry the woman, whose father or mother side have relationship. Mutual kinship in the scriptures or have been forbidden to marry in the same gotra. Genetic diseases that are likely to be happen. The woman, mother and father side by side with the seventh generation of the fifth generation is connected to the relationship, you should not marry her.

3. Links to Wicked men

The woman should not associate with evil men. Doing so could he ever in trouble. The evil  men could  use women for their personal interest. Due to this women character is questioned Therefore, a man should not marry a woman, which is relevant to the wicked man.

4. Bad speaking

It is said that Goddess Saraswati declares itself is inhabited. Soft speaking voice woman is very lucky, Saraswati always shower her blessing upon her. The evil nature or harsh words spoken woman is considered bad.  The atmosphere of unrest remains in the house because of. Therefore, a man should not marry such woman.

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