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Marriage/Love Horoscope Rs 999/-only
Name Numerology   Rs 999/-only
1 year Personal Horoscope Rs 999/-only
Career HoroscopeRs 999/-only

Ask any 3 question related to your life for Rs 1,499/- (Only 1 Horoscope will be seen)

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We also provide all below services at Rs 201/- only, where the report is provided in a nutshell. This Report will be precisely only about the query posted by you.

Note : No other information will be provided in this report for any detailed information you will have subscribe our detailed report services.

Services for Rs 201/- only

1.     Is there job Change/ business progress?

2.       Lucky or Unlucky Business/Job for you?

3.       Marriage/Remarriage compatibility?

4.       Health Horoscope?

5.       Pregnancy and Children?

6.       How is Year 2017 for you?

7.       What are the Property Yog for you in 2016 or coming years?

There are many more things ahead which can make 2017 a fruitful year for you. To post your query please click here 

Palmistry is a Paid service. Please do not upload your palm pictures until it is fully paid and confirmed from our end.

Please NOTE : All the information provided by you is highly confidential for us Which can not be shared by us with any of our client. WE DO NOT REQUIRE YOU PLACE OF BIRTH OR TIME FOR PREDICTION OF YOUR FUTURE.All predictions are based on DOB provided by our clients/users.

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