Spiritual reasons to worship and pray peepal tree in India

Spiritual reasons to worship and pray peepal tree in India

Spiritual reasons to worship and pray peepal tree in India

As India is known for its rich tradition as Indian culture do filled with some rituals which seems little illogical, but in reality it has any logic reason behind. Worshiping the holly tree has many hidden truths  as we see many of us offer prayers in front of  Peepal tree and watering the roots of it, ladies circulating it on Saturdays. Somehow we all follow these traditional worship without knowing its benefits. You will get all your prayers become true, but reading this piece of information and why this holy Peepal is so ideal in Hinduism.

1)    Ayurveda Secrets

A leaf , bark and roots of this holy tree are extremely significant in Ayurveda. If someone suffering from asthma, bad fever or cold will get easily out of those  from this procedure:Boil at least five Peepal leaves in milk with needed sugar into it  and drink the mixture.

Pluck a  leaf from the tree and put that milk which droppers from the leaf, root drop it  in to your eyes  it will cure your eye pain.

Apart from that there are many other benefits of it. It can give you relief from diarrhea, epilepsy and gastric pains.

2)    Worshiping Secrets


Scientific reason

 The holy Peepal is considered as an atmosphere cleaner it provides oxygen .If it is planted along with Tulsi and Neem plants it sanitizes the surroundings and kills bacteria.

So while worshiping Peepal all of us can inhale healthy and pure air.

3)    Mythical Secrets

As written in Brahma Purana, When  demons defeated all the God's in heaven , then  Lord Vishnu came and  hide himself  in Peepal tree. It is also written in Brahma Puran that Goddess of wealth Lakshmi  also sits under the tree every Saturday,so that the people who worships it on Saturday's they will get good wealth too if they worships with a whole heart.

Trinity council which consists of Lord Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu also  holds their councils under this tree, making it all the more special.  As it is also said that roots being Brahma,the trunk Vishnu and the leaves Shiva. So the whole tree of Peepal becomes an integral part of Hindu rites and rituals.

The peepal is also  having a very nearer link with Krishna. In the Bhagavad Gita, he says: "Among trees, I am the ashvattha."

Krishna is supposed to have died under this tree, later ,which the present Kali Yuga is said to have begun.