Secret of lord Hanuman and his powers

Secret of lord Hanuman and his powers

Secret of lord Hanuman and his powers

1. Lord Hanuman and His Looks  

Lord Hanuman among all Gods and Goddesses is the undying one. His frame is a mix of chimps and people. Any poor man who worships Lord Hanuman can get to be distinctly rich and if a rich man worships him, he too doesn’t get poor.   

2. Ladies Can’t Offer Prayers to Lord Hanuman   

There is a typical saying in regards to Lord Hanuman that ladies can't worship him. For sure this is truly a confusing rule. However, this isn’t completely a reality. Even ladies can worship Lord Hanuman, but they are forbidden to do so during their menstrual cycles.  

3. Ma Anjani was an Apsara (Divine Fairy)   

It has been specified in Purans that the mother of Lord Hanuman, Ma Anjani, in her past birth, was an apsara in Indra Dev's darbar. Her name was Punjiksthla. She was an extreme marvel and her tendency was exceptionally fun loving. Due to this nature, she used to frequently annoy others. One day she irritated a wise who was occupied in his tapasya.   

4. Punjiksthla Becomes Anjani 

The angry sage showed his condemnable rage on Punjiksthla that since she jumps and skips around like apes, and trouble others, she should lead a life of an ape. Subsequent to being cursed, Punjiksthla understood her mistake and requested for forgiveness from the sage. The wise sage’s outrage lessened after Punjiksthla requested pardoning and he said that despite the fact that he can't change his curse, this ape life of hers will be regarded by the humankind. Punjiksthla then took birth in Kunjar's family and her name was kept as Anjani.  


5. Lord Shani is never a Problem for Worshippers of Lord Hanuman   

There is a certain kind of fear and anxiety of Lord Shani in everyone's brain. Shani's prakop can destroy anyone's satisfaction. However, if you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman, you need not fear Lord Shani. This is on the grounds that it has been specified in Purans that once Lord Hanuman had spared life of Lord Shani and soothed him from his issues. It is from that point forward that Lord Shani never makes trouble to the individuals who are followers of Lord Hanuman.   

6. The Meaning of Hanuman   

One meaning of Hanuman is 'the one without any ego'. Hanu means to kill and man means ego. In this manner, a man who has executed his self-image and ego is known as Hanuman.  

7. The Power of Lord Hanuman 

Hanuman has the ability to make him as small as a thumb and big as a mountain. He can fly in the air. This is the reason Lord Hanuman is known to have mystical forces. These forces are still a secret for researchers. Ruler Hanuman was a researcher has been said in Ramcharit Manas.  

8. The Birth of Lord Hanuman 

As per Shastras, Lord Hanuman is a type of Lord Shiva. He was conceived in Vayudev's ansh and womb of Ma Anjani, who was the spouse Kesari who was a gorilla. Kesari and Anjani used to stay miserable as they had no child. On instruct with respect to Matang rishi, Ma Anjani petitioned God for a long time after which Lord Hanuman was conceived.   

9. Who was Lord Hanuman's child?   

According to Ramcharit Manas, Lord Hanuman had gone to Lanka looking for Goddess Sita. He was captured there by Meghnadh and was introduced before Raavan in his royal residence. That time Raavan had ordered to blaze Lord Hanuman's tail and with his burning tail he fired the whole Lanka. When Lord Hanuman was in agony due to his burnt tail, he dunked his tail in the sea. That time he was sweating and a drop of his sweat fell into the mouth of the fish in the sea. In the wake of drinking Lord Hanuman's sweat, the fish got pregnant and brought forth an infant kid. His name was Makardhwaj.   

10. Lord Hanuman Meets His Son 

Makardhwaj was very brave and powerful as Lord Hanuman. Ahiravan had put him at the doors of Pataal Lok. To satisfy his directing god, when Ahiravan had made Lord Rama and Lakshman hostages in Pataal Lok through an otherworldly spell, Lord Hanuman came there to free them. It was then he met his child Makardhwaj interestingly.   

11. Lord Hanuman Gifts Pataal Lok to His Son 

Makardhwaj told Lord Hanuman how he was conceived. At that point Lord Hanuman released Lord Rama and Lakshman and executed Ahiravan. He likewise made Makardhwaj the legislative head of Pataal Lok and adviced him to take care of the place with nobility.   

12. General Rule of Worshipping Lord Hanuman   

On the symbol of Lord Hanuman, oil and vermilion is applied. He must be offered blossoms like rose, sunflower, and so on. He gets satisfied when somebody reads Sunderkand or Ramayan before him. In sweet, Laddoo, jaggery, chana and Guava is offered to him.   

13. Chants for Lord Hanuman 

His disciples ought to chant Hanuman Chalisa 108 times before him. On the off chance that reading Hanuman Chalisa 108 times is unrealistic then it must be read in any event twice in a day. This one line saves from any uncertainty in life

14. Exceptional days of Lord Hanuman's Puja   

Revering Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays and Saturdays is truly valuable. It is said that Lord Hanuman was conceived on a Tuesday. He had crushed Lord Shani in a war, which is the reason he was honored by Lord Shani. In this manner, whoever is a follower of Lord Hanuman is never agitated by Shani Dev.