Hidden facts why Ravana only do prayer of Lord Shiva

Hidden facts why Ravana only do prayer of Lord Shiva

Hidden facts why Ravana only do prayer of Lord Shiva

If you still do have a belief that Ravana was a devotee of Lord Shiva, then think again!

It is high time you understand these 8 popular beliefs that say that Ravana was definitely not a devotee of Lord Shiva.

All around India, Dusshera will be celebrated on September 30th this year and effigies of Ravana will be burned in masses. While there is a general perception that Ravana is one of the most evil persons ever in Hindu mythology, not many know that he is one of the most learned scholars too. While there are many stories and tales of Ravana being a faithful devotee of Lord Shiva floating around across social media sites, you'll be stunned to know that none of this is in fact true!

It is always important to question all the facts and take a trip back to the original version of Ramayana, the Valmiki Ramayana to get answers to your questions. In fact, it is the slightly different Tulsidas Ramayana that gives the doubt of Ravana being a Shiva devotee. Get ready to be shocked as we are about to debunk the myths surrounding these illogical claims.

General Belief 1: Ravana was a true gentleman and never harassed Sita after abducting her.

Truth: Though it was true that Ravana never laid his hands upon Sita, there was a reason behind this. Nalkuber who is the son of Lord Kuber, had cursed Raavan that if he ever tried to misbehave or threaten the integrity of a woman and kept her confined against her will, then his head would fall to the earth after shattering into a hundred pieces. 


General Belief 2: Raavan abducted Sita to take revenge of Shrupnakha's insult.

Truth: Ravana had a lustful conscience. Though he had many wives, he was swayed by his sister Shrupnakha's description of how beautiful Sita was. That was exactly the reason why he kidnapped her. 

General Belief 3: He was a Lord Shiva Devotee, the biggest one to ever.

Truth: As legend would describe it, Ravana once stomped Baijnath shivling with his feet and pushed it into the ground. There was also another instance when he tried to pull out Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. In order to crush Ravana's pride and to teach him a lesson, Lord Shiva put him between the little toe fingers and tortured him for 9 years. It was only after this hardship that Ravana became a devotee of Lord Shiva. 

General Belief 4: Ravana was the most powerful person on earth during the time he lived.

Truth: In reality, Ravana was defeated by four individuals and this includes King Kartavirya Arjun and the monkey king Baali.

The truth was that the monkey king, Baali was so powerful that after defeating Ravana, he took him in his arms to Kishkindhya. Once there, Baali asked Ravana what he wanted and Ravana wanted to have friendship. The two then became friends. 

General Belief 5: It was the Brahmin Ravana who performed the rites of a purohit when Lord Rama along with the monkey brigade was building the Ram Bridge to Lanka to stage an attack.

Truth: Valmiki Ramayana which very much differs from Tulsidas Ramayana clearly states that it was Lord Rama who himself who made the shivling and prayed for killing Ravana who was a half-Brahmin by birth 

General Belief 6: Ravana was one of the greatest scholars of the vedas.

Truth: Ravana possessed good knowledge of the Vedas and Astrology, but he did never implement a single learning in his way of living. He brazenly was involved in several sins without any remorse for it.