Incredible benefits of offering water to the Sun every morning

Incredible benefits of offering water to the Sun every morning

Incredible benefits of offering water to the Sun every morning

 Do you remember that how early morning our grandparents and parents wakes up and offer water to the sun, is also known as sun salutation. It is a fact that if you offer water to sun in the morning or in the wee hours, your whole day will fill with positivity and energy and it makes your day better. 

2. Benefits of offering water to the Sun

In our Indian culture, Sun (Surya) is called the soul of the universe. It is also known as sun gives the brightness of knowledge and takes us to choose a right path, and speed us in a right direction.  

3. Benefits of offering water to the Sun 

In ancient Hindu scriptures, worshipping the Sun leads many unbelievable benefits There are certain specific measures described to offer Puja to the sun in various scriptures.

4. Benefits of offering water to the Sun

It’s as strong believe that offering water regularly to the Sun makes your life disciplined and maintains body, mind and keeps spirit balance.  

5. Surya Mantra 

The rising of the sun and the first ray of sun motivates for early success daily. Adoring the sun every day and especially on Sundays by chanting ऊँ सूर्याय नम: mantra leads to all preferences, good health and wealth in life.

6. Surya Mantra 

After shower wears clean clothes.Fill fresh water in a copper Vessel. Add Ashtagandh, red flowers and Akshat in the water and chant this mantra: ऊँ सूर्याय नम: While chanting the mantra, offer the holy water to the sun.

7. Surya Mantra 

After the contribution of  holy water, touch your forehead to the floor and chant this Surya mantra… ऊँ खखोल्काय शान्ताय करणत्रयहेतवे। निवेदयामि चात्मानं नमस्ते ज्ञानरूपिणे।। त्वमेव ब्रह्म परममापो ज्योती रसोमृत्तम्। भूर्भुव: स्वस्त्वमोङ्कार: सर्वो रुद्र: सनातन:।।

8. Why do we offer water to the Sun?

Once an expert called Mandehas, who lived on an Island called Arunam, pleaded with  Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma was happy with his penance and told him to ask for any (Vardan) boon. Mandehas asked Brahma to give him powers to fight and defeat Surya (the Sun lord). Being an expert, Mandehas loved darkness,and so he required to stop the Sun from rising.

9. Why do we offer water to the Sun? 

People on Earth started fronting the problems. Surya was captive by Mandehas and he was not allowed to rise. Endurance without the sun was difficult. Then Brahma came to everyone’s rescue and gave the idea of Arghya. He told Brahmins to recite the most powerful Gayatri Mantra and offer water to Sun(Surya). The water powered with the Gayatri became a weapon and fought the demons who were trying to stop the Sun from rising. It is supposed that since Mandehas comes back again and again to stop the Sun from rising, so we need to keep offering water to the Sun.

10. Benefits of offering water to the Sun

Contribution Arghya to the sun gives you mental, physical and practical strength that overcomes every struggle.

11. Benefits of offering water to Sun 

Offering water makes person fearless and brave. Worship of the sun makes a person intellectually, expressive and brainy. It also removes ego, anger, greed desires and evil thoughts from a person’s mind.

12. Why is 'arghya' performed only in the morning? 

The heat of  the sun is intolerable after wee hours of a morning. It's normal for the devotee's to happily worship and hence morning is considered as the best time to offer water to the sun.

13. Why do we specifically use copper vessel? 

 As copper has a long history of existence. It was used for the purpose of making things since as long as 9000 BCE. Thus, it was widely used in the Vedic era too. According to Ayurveda, the storage  of water in copper utensils was endorsed. Also, according to Sanatan Dharma, the copper vessel was used as a Kalasha, which was considered a symbol of richness.