Lord Vishnu, wife, goddess Lakshmi never blesses those people

Lord Vishnu, wife, goddess Lakshmi never blesses those people

Lord Vishnu, wife, goddess Lakshmi never blesses those people

1. Goddess Lakshmi never goes near these 5 people

Hinduism has some rites and rituals which are coming from the ancient time, Some are very much noticeable Gods appeared at the time of Samudra Manthan,and in one of them was Goddess Lakshmi a sign of Wealth any Purity. Goddess Lakshmi salvaged all the Gods from heaven, when Lord Indra robbed.

2. Lord Indra

Delight by Lord Indra, Lakshmi  blessed him with Dwadashakshar which is the mantra to reestablish prosperity, wealth, fame and peace of mind, if  admired faithfully. The person who worships the Goddess, with this mantra on each Friday night, are delightfully blessed by Lord Kuber, who blesses one with huge  wealth.

3. Sacred mantra for wealth

The heavenly Jaap (Mantra) is ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं अष्टलक्ष्मीयै ह्रीं रीं सिद्धये मम गृहे आगच्छागच्छ नमः स्वाहा।। (Aeim Hrim Shrim Ashtlakshmiye Hrim Rim Sidhwaye Mam Grihe Aagchagch Namah Swaha||)

4. Vishnu puran

It is written in Vishu Puran that Goddess Lakshmi has been always admired for her mannerism. On his command, Goddess agreed to thankfully to exist in heaven cautioned if there are no traces of these 5 traits. Unhappily, upon hearing them,

5. What upsets Goddess Lakshmi?

It is proved that if Goddess Lakshmi sees any of these 5 individualities in her followers, she leaves them. Let us now know that all one should avoid. Let's read ----


6. Lust

Lust is the one quality of a personality which casts bad impression on two main objects that is Dharma and Karma, if an individual have these traits then Goddess Lakshmi never resides your place.

7. Ego

If people or home of an individual is engrossed in their egotism and unfamiliarity, and the personality pacifies their integrity, is exposed off by the presence of Goddess Lakshmi.

8. Greed

The Goddess Lakshmi never resides in the immediacy of people or place, for which greediness is bigger than Karma. Shastras state, "लोभस्य पाप कारणम्'” it says that the Greed is the ground Sin.

9. Violence

The Place or People, who keep on harming and hurting the animals and human for their freedom, will never have the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

10. Disrespecting woman

People or places, who disrespect and keep on hurting the women or nag them with no reason, that make anger to Goddess Lakshmi and she will leave the place and person too.

11. How to please Goddess Lakshmi?

Acharya Chanakya (chanakya niti )also said "Murkha yatra pujyante dhanyam yatra Susinchitam |Dampatye kalaho naasti tatra shreeh swayamaagataa|| That means a person who keep on doing theses three things are always blessed with endless presence of Goddess Lakshmi.

12. #1.

The Family who grows and boosts, the knowledge and intelligence over fools. Goddess always resides and blesses the home. Where virtuous people are respected and recognized.

13. #2.

Home, who never disregards their guests, irrespective of their upbringing, a house which is having full of blessings for those who will never ever return bare handed. Goddess Lakshmi exist in and blesses such homes and families with huge wealth and wealth.

14. #3.

Home, which is full of love of husband and wife and the house who care for each member of family is blessed by The Goddess Lakshmi. If there is no match in the couple and have a different set of views and do not respect each other and use abusive behavior towards each other and their family members, are unrestrained by Goddess Lakshmi.