Numerology tells if your house number and home address is lucky for you

Numerology tells if your house number and home address is lucky for you

Numerology tells if your house number and home address is lucky for you

1. Home address and luck

Are you happily living in your new dream home or you have thought for living there forever? Is it your house address is lucky enough for you? Do you have any doubt about it? Is your home address define your happiness?

2.  The Numerology of your home address

True, your home address can predict the level of your happiness and your luxury at home. Well, this all is possible through numerology!

3. Numeric vibrations

Number game, the science of numerology, shapes that every single number has certain predictions for one’s home address, each numbers has some calculations within for one’s lodging. 

4. Criteria for a happy home

If you want to know that your residential address or flat address is well-matched with you and your gladness, all you need to ensure your residential address and its numeric calculations and its calculative vibrations.

5. Positive energy and numeric vibration

To guarantee a perfect calculation and vibrations, one should create positive energy that is favorable to lead one’s lifestyle. 

6. Your numbers

Your numbers likewise – Street number, building name and address along with the postal code cast huge effect in your life. Though your apartment, house or flat number is moreover important and it is more personal too.

7. Are you numerically well-matched with your apartment?

How ones know whether their apartment number or house number is well matched with their personal number calculations and vibrations?

8. Calculate your apartment number

Here are the answers of all your dilemmas you can calculate your apartment number: Note down your whole number. Add whole the numbers together to find its sum. Now add the sum to reduce it to a single digit.  

9. Calculate personal apartment number 

Example- Suppose your house number is 1711 Rose Garden, so the numeric is 1711.Add 1 7 1 1 =10=1 0=1. So, your apartment number 1, i.e. you live in the 1 House.

10. Effect of your apartment number

Generally speaking, your house and apartment is the powerful number and not the building number or the number in the address, street number or postal code.

11. Alphabetic numeric value

If the alphabets in your apartment number, e.g.suppose your apartment number is 31 C, so what you have to do add the value of C as well that would be 3 1 3 =7.

12. Alphabets and their numeric value

Here is the secret and magical numbers of numeric alphabets- 

1 is for A, J, S , 

2 is for B, K, T, 

3 is for C, L, U ,

4 is for D, M, V ,

5 is for E, N, W , 

6 is for F, O, X , 

7 is for G, P, Y, 

 8 is for H, Q, Z , 

9 is for I, R


13. Make your apartment number compatible

You can check your apartment or home number below, then you can see that how much it influence to one and all. If you get to know that the energy you essential or the energy that is well-matched with your personal energy is an intersection, you can change this numeric vibration by adding another new number inside your door.

14. Add a number for compatibility

Let’s suppose  your apartment number is 5 but your personal vibration is 9, so you can put up a number called 4 inside and see how things works for you.

15. What is your apartment number vibration?

Let’s find out which number is having a right numeric vibration for you!

16. No. 1 House

Suppose your House or apartment number is 1, it endures, independence , ingenuity , innovation , drive , ambitions and leaderships. It is an amazing number for those who are independent , freelancers: writers or for those who are in a live-in relationship  live with friends. It’s a good number to show freedom and independence in each life. This number helps in boosting the self-assurance and willpower in a person.

17. Challenges for 1 Home

This shows independence too; it causes problems if one trying to indorse harmony and collaboration. The house may have to be much more ‘personal’ energy and may not substitute associates or relationships. It is good for outsiders.

18. No.1's Karmic baggage

 If 1 is the total of your apartment 19. i.e. 1 9 is for 10 is for 1 0 is for 1 it’s a karmic duty number. So such an apartment makes the owner fall below-appreciated, unfounded and always busy with their work. For equilibrium, you need to add a number on the inside of your door to make it appropriate to your vibration. It should be an even number dividable by number 2.

19. No. 2 House

No. 2 in number game is generally a fabulous no. that show loving and warm atmosphere that is too friendly for all. The people of this maths are fostering and gentle. They are very kind and very sentimental by their nature. They love having groups and family over, enjoy sit-down dinners and love to prompt their affections. It is a great number for  a couple who can shape a stronger relationship.

20. Challenges for Number 2

 This no is excessively sensitive and leads to strong spirits. This can be irresistible and the need to get out gets stronger with time. . Landlords of this apartment tend to take things very personally and need endless authentication. Roomies will feel imbalanced. You need to balance this out by expressing feelings openly as they happen.

21. No. 3 House

 3 is a spiritual number. For those living in apartment number 3, it is jolly, high on energy and lively. People living in this apartment or home are lively and very imaginative. Also, it is great for those who wish to start a family life. Freedom of expression is valued here as well as novelty. It is best suitable for aspiring artists, pair, and families.

22. Challenges for house no. 3

The number 3 house may be, has a tendency to lead the holders amiss and dispersed. They can be unfocused and confused, and wasters. It also causes uncertainty and negative opinions. One needs to safeguard they remain positive while living here.