Here are mistakes Duryodhana did in Mahabharat

Here are mistakes Duryodhana did in Mahabharat

Here are mistakes Duryodhana did in Mahabharat

What all those three things which Duryodhana Admitted in Mahabharata?

Mahabharata an epic saga taught us many things as it depicted that how Lord Krishna plays a clever statesman, who show a right path as a chariot to Pandavas to win the battle of Kurukshetra and Kauravs faced trouble during the battle. Duryodhana , who was the eldest in 100 Kaurav brothers,admitted three big mistakes that he did before dying and result of that they lost the battle.

People put the blame on Krishna to play partial and adopted wrong practices during the war.But a statesman like Krishna had very clear objectives.To create a new system involves
1.To destruct the present rotting system
2.To creation of  a new system .

At the battle ground Lord Krishna did not care for the proper ethics and values  on the first phase of the battle his moreover focuses on the destruction of Kauravas.

In the second phase, Lord Krishna projected Yudhistria as the king, the person who never compromises with his thoughts and principles in terrible situations. He is still known as a visionary person.
Now we are going to see what according to Duryodhana those huge mistakes was and how Lord Krishna deals with them. Krishna played a role of a chariot and showed him a right path. We hope that you all can apply these teachings of Lord Krishna in your day to day life.

1. He admitted that manipulated by Krishna, he didn't appear fully naked infront of his mother gandhari, when she called him boon of strength. As a result, his pelvis remained vulnerable to attack
2. His mistake was he fought the war behind weak fighters. Had he taken the lead, thousands of kauravas would not have been slayed
3. Duryodhana regretted choosing Krishna's army instead of the lord himself when asked for a choice. Swallowed by pride, he was unable to see the true form of lord krishna

Lord Krishna's Response:
In holly Mahabharata ,Krishna claims that Pandavas used the wrong methods to defeat the Kauravas in battle.He also said that if Pandavas has lost the battle that means that Dharma is defeated too.Krishna addressed to Duryodhana. The reason for the defeat of yours is adharma or your non virtuous attitude. You all humiliated a woman in front of man assembly and this is one example and there are many more examples of Lord Krishna's wisdom.