Keep only this much number of idols in your temple at home

Keep only this much number of idols in your temple at home

Keep only this much number of idols in your temple at home

1. The Do's and Don'ts of Idol Worship 
Unlike various other religions, Hindus trust in excessive admiration, worshiping of an icon or a physical object as an encapsulation of God. For them setting up a Temple or puja room inside house, is a reverential pathway to associate with their God. 

2. Why do Hindus believe in Worshiping Idols? 
To them, God is the indication of incredible amounts of strength and power that inspires them to continue going in their lives. Confidence in God helps us defeat challenges, as well as puts in fear that keeps us from doing the wrong deeds. 

3. What do Shastras Have to Say? 
Going by Hindu shastras, each family unit must place a temple or build a puja room, and certain arrangement of guidelines must be taken after for Idol worshiping or else await the reverse impact. 

4. Points to Be Kept in Mind 
Continue to read to know all concerns regarding building a temple inside home and the number of icons that must be kept for propitious impact. 
#1 Seperate puja room 
Never build or put a temple inside the room of a couple, rather commit a different room or space around the house (East confronting would be perfect). 
Reason is straightforward, we never participate in sexual movement within the sight of the senior citizens or children in family, then by what method should that be possible before God. Did you ever catch wind of such exercises happening in sanctuaries or any religious places outside your home? 

#2 No Mandir inside or Opposite to Kitchen 
Kitchen is viewed as the purest place inside home, as everything is spotless and clean. Be that as it may, most family units keep their dustbins inside Kitchen zone, which makes it a strict no-zone for setting a temple. 
Likewise, all the smoke while get ready sustenance would achieve the Temple, if kept inside Kitchen or specifically opposite to it. Along these lines, maintain a strategic distance from it at any cost. 

#3 Position of Temple above everything 
The individuals who live in 2-story or elevated structure, ought to abstain from putting their temple or making a puja room underneath the latrine territory, or adjoining it. 
Temple is a holy place of love, along these lines setting it close unhygienic region is rude, as well as a transgression. 

#4 Never Bolt the Mandir 
A significant number of us may have a stopgap temple in our homes, and at whatever point we leave for long occasions, we tend to bolt, either the mandir or the puja room behind us. 
This shouldn't be done, as it obstructs the stream of hopeful vitality around the house. 

#5 Normal cleaning of Temple 
Could you abandon washing and cleaning yourself, for a week? At that point, how might you keep the most consecrated range of your home unclean? 
If not every day, then standard cleaning and washing or icons or photographs of Gods and Goddess must be finished. We wager, you never observe a religious place, messy, have you? 

5. Number of Idols at home 
There is a motivation behind why home is not quite the same as temple; and why temple can be a piece of home, yet home can never be a piece of Temple! Since, home is a place to live and appreciate materialistic world, so it is a materialistic thing, where else a Temple is consecrated. 

6. Rules for Keeping Idols
One can keep endless number of Idols and photographs of Gods and Goddess inside a Temple, yet for a "mandir" inside home, there are sure impediments. Look at them here

7. Three Idols of same Goddesses 
One can keep the awesome trinity of Goddess-Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati. Be that as it may, one ought to abstain from keeping three idols of a similar Goddess, as it acquires misfortune and change to your family unit. You may even observe your riches and thriving going down. 

8. Three Idols of Lord Ganesha 
Going by notices in Hindu sacred texts, keeping three idols or pictures or Lord Ganesha, welcomes unfavorable happenings inside home. 

9. Two Shivlings 
It is encouraged to not keep one, in the event that you can't routinely love it. In this way, two would be a no-no. Setting up one Shivling requires monstrous arrangement of standards to be taken after. Acquiring two not just would hamper the tranquility of your family, however would influence the religious quality. 

10. Idols and representation rules 
One should never keep Idols or pictures of Lord Krishna with Radha and Rukmini/Meera, Lord Karthikeya with two spouses Valli and Devasena, and Lord Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi. It is trusted that keeping them would make disagreement and disharmony in military life. 

11. Pictures of Gods in Order of Their Creation
One must recollect that the perfect trinity of Lords-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are viewed as incomparable; thus the various pictures or idols of Gods must be kept underneath them.