Your Birth Number Holds Secret To Your Health

Your Birth Number Holds Secret To Your Health

Your Birth Number Holds Secret To Your Health

Your Birth Number Holds Secret ToYour Health

1. Your birth number candecode your health 

It hasbeen since time immemorial that we have been used to the saying that “Health isWealth”. Of course, Health is the most important and a healthy body is the homefor a healthy mind. One of the very important things that you have to find outwhen you are able to think clearly is to know which illness you are prone toaccording to your birth number. These can be found out according to Rashifaland other predictions. They are extremely important as well.

2. At First, Calculate YourBirth Number


A birthnumber is obtained when you add all the numbers in your birth date. So, forexample, if you were born on March 21, 1983 – (Mar = 3) + (21 = 2 + 1 = 3) +(1983 = 1 + 9 + 8 + 3 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3) = (3 + 3 + 3) = 9. The common ailmentsand diseases for birth numbers are given below. Check to see which you are mostprone to.

If you are Number 1


Number 1is synonymous with the back, heart, head, arteries, liver and stomach. Thesepeople are the ones who are highly susceptible to high blood pressure and heartattacks. However, number 1 people are highly resilient and therefore can takeup drinking and smoking for a longer period of time with minimum consequence.However, when illness strikes, it kills these people quickly. They need moresleep to be in fine shape. They are need periodic checks to see problems in theeye and throat which are their most weak parts.

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Thenumber 1 people are strong in their build. Even if they are hospitalized intheir old age, these people recover quickly and live a long and healthy life. Sesameoil and almond oil are very helpful to them. Regularly massaging the body withthese oils improves blood circulation and keeps these people active. Number 1people have their temperament dominated by the bile and hence any food thatincreases acidity should be avoided at any cost. According to Numerologypredictions, they should not take up a lot of stress as this will bedetrimental to health. Number 1 people are advised to eat a lot of fruits,mostly water ones and stay clear of oily foods at all cost.

If you are Number 2


Number 2people are more prone to diseases like, smallpox, dropsy, piles, tumor, rheumatism,colic, palsy, apoplexy cold & cough. Also, eye problems and dental issuesare common among these people. They must make sure that they remain warm andcomfortable. It is better to avoid cool, dark and dirty places.

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TheNumber 2 people are emotionally sensitive types and hence get into argumentsbased on pure emotion. It is highly important that they drink water regularlyand that too from silver glass. These people are prone to indigestion, constipationand lack of appetite. Massaging the body is mandatory for these people. Theyare also susceptible to infectious diseases common in men and women. Blackpepper and honey do wonders for these people in the morning. They must stayclear of getting addicted to beverages. The lower abdominal health is of primeimportance to these people.

If you are Number 3


Thesepeople are extremely resilient to most of the diseases that other peopleusually contract. However, number 3 people are prone to skin diseases, jointpain, gastritis, diabetes, paralysis and heart failure. Fatty foods and graviesshould be consumed in minimal amounts. These people are also independent onesand working too much with others can nervously wreak them.

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Number 3 peopleare easily susceptible to problems caused by wind and air. These people shouldmassage regularly and use sesame oil to do so. The ingredients these peopleshould avoid include garlic, ginger, asafetida, and fenugreek seeds. Apples andcarrot juice suit these people the most. Morning walk and regular meditationare very important to people with Number 3 in their names.

If you are Number 4


Thenumber 4 is a shaky one and people with this number are often prone toaccidents and other mishappenings. These people are also the ones who sufferfrom piles, constipation, flu, cold and problems related to digestion andurinary tracts. Eating too much fatty foods will result in problems for theliver and kidneys for these people.

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Thenumber 4 people are prone to diseases that cannot be easily cured. These peopleshould regularly take in carrot juice, apple juice and beet juice for goodhealth. Regularly taking in sprouts, green teas and herbal teas is good forthem. These people must avoid anger at all costs. They must eat out of silverutensils as this will be extremely beneficial to them. Eating fruits aftersunset should be avoided at all cost.

If you are Number 5


TheNumber 5 people suffer from common problems like sleeplessness, diabetes,mental depression, stammering, dumbness, tumor in the nose or head,nervousness, hoarseness, gout in hands and feet. They require a lot of time forthemselves and timely meals and goo sleep should be ensured for a healthybeing.

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TheNumber 5 people are governed by the Mercury planet and would need a lot ofsleep, timely meals and good eating habits to lead a healthy life. These peopleare advised to remain strong in connection to their weak inner self and have toavoid sleepless nights at all cost. Mental pressure should not be taken up andleafy vegetables, almonds and citrus fruits should be eaten for good health.

If you are Number 6


TheNumber 6 people should be extremely careful in taking care of their heart, lungs,nose and throat. They are very prone to taking up diseases that are related todigestion and excretion. Taking in junk food will result in serious ailmentsfor the number 6 people and anything remotely junk should be avoided at allcost.

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Thesepeople are healthy in general but bad food habits make them prone to somediseases. The Number 6 people should avoid sweets, spicy and oily food. Constipationis quite common among these people. These people should also stay clear of hardlabor. Also, relationships outside marriage should be avoided at all cost. Exerciseslike pranayama, morning walk and healthy food is a must for these people.

If you are Number 7


The Number7 is a psychic number and they suffer from a lot of mental and psychological problems.Living in a clean place is very important for them as they can easily contractdiseases like bronchitis, colds, nasal congestion, lung problems and skinafflictions. These people should remain stress-free and have good sleep.

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If youare number 7 then you are extremely easy to get disturbed. You are emotionallyand physically strong but need to take in Vitamins D and E, fresh fruits juicesand avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs. They should eat food for its taste andfill their stomachs to rush back to work again. Overworking can be stressful tothese people and hence good music is always needed to get in good spirits.

If you are Number 8


Thenumber 8 is a good health number but these people can be susceptible to backailments and tooth problems. There are also other problems like deafness,leprosy, dropsy, blood infections, joint pains, paralysis and anemia that thesepeople are prone to. Rising early in the morning, exercising and breathingfresh air is very good for the overall health of these people.

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TheNumber 8 people should massage their body with mustard oil. More calcium andiron should be added to the food of these people. Grains, pulses and freshjuices should be regularly taken in by these people. They should avoid cannedfoods and tinned foods. Also, intoxicants, drugs and alcohol should be avoidedat all cost. These people should also take in buttermilk that is homemade,honey and fresh fruits for good health.


If you are Number 9


Thenumber 9 is an extremely sensitive number which governs the head, face,kidneys, groin, and bladder. People who are in this number could easily sufferfrom inflammatory conditions like tumors, small pox, measles, and headache. Manyof the injuries that happen to people who possess this number areself-inflicted and caused by accidents.

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Thepeople who are Number 9 should stay clear of alcohol and other drug uses. Theymust avoid oily and greasy foods. Dates added to hot milk is extremely healthyfor them and they must take morning walks and regular massages to stay healthy.Anger, aggressiveness and arrogance is highly detrimental to their health. Theymust ensure all best practices in health to remain strong and live long.

It is advised to all that we should try touse copper utensils in our daily life.