Why there are no Lord Brahma Temples in the world

Why there are no Lord Brahma Temples in the world

Why there are no Lord Brahma Temples in the world

Why there are no Lord Brahma Temples in the world

Consistent with the scriptures, Lord Brahma is the creator. The entire residing beings on this Earth are mentioned to be originated from Brahma. He is the God of knowledge and the entire 4 Vedas are believed to have originated from His 4 heads. Despite all these credentials, Lord Brahma will not be worshipped with the aid of any individual. If you want to find out the cause, then read on.

You will find only 3 temples of Lord Brahma in the entire world. But why the god who has given shape, size to entire world still has no his existence

However, nobody worships this god. Do you know on earth brahmaji have temple, but praying him is fully restricted

One mythological story 

The answer of such question is given in one mythological story, it is said once bhahmaji thought of doing good for people living on earth so he want to do yagya. So he started looking for place for same

Then he thought to send a lotus from his hand to earth and wherever it will fall, there only he decided to make the temple this place is in Rajasthan named as pushkarji, this is the place where the lake was originated by that lotus

Today in 21st century the temple is known as “ jagat pita brahma “ temple. large number of pilgrims visit the temple, after bathing in the sacred lake. But no one worships lord brahma

It is said in story brhamaji have dropped three drops on earth and 1 fell in Pushkar. Now brhamaji reached at the point where the lotus was felt to perform all the rituals for Yagya, but his wife Savitri couldn’t reach on time

Brhamaji was worried if the auspicious time passes, then the yagya will be of no use, but he needed one woman to perform the yagya So Brahma married Gurjar girl, Gayatri and completed the yagya with his new partner sitting beside him, she holding the pot of amrita (mixture of life) on her head and giving ahuti on fire (offering to the sacrificial fire).

Now the yoga was started and in a meanwhile Savitri reached and found some other girl is sitting at her place and she became so angry that she cursed Brahma that on earth no one will worship you and no one will remember you ever.

Every god was in fear of seeing her anger and requested her to be calm down and to take her curse back. But she didn’t listen to anyone. After some time when her anger calms down, she said only on earth with Pushkar people can worship him. If anyone tries to make his temple anywhere else that person will be destroyed.

According to Padam Puran brahma ji lived in pushkar for 10,000 years and made this earth, after making this earth he performed another yagya for five days.

According to story that is the reason only that pond is still worshipped but no one worships lord brahma

After this incident Savitri went to nearby hills Merged in graveness. As per scriptures she still blesses whoever come and visit her temple. According to Hindu scriptures it is said she gives long life to husband if married girl prays for their husband here.

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