When in the morning you see these things can be monetary gain

When in the morning you see these things can be monetary gain

When an individual's financial wishes will be fulfilled , when Mahalaxmi will be pleased to give more money. learn some of the astrological signs . Here's a good sign or bad sign 15 connected to Lakshmi grace ...

1 . Peacock, swan, floral, chaplet etc. things visible in the morning is good. These things are as sign of benefit of finances in near future.

2 . seven days a week to worship different gods have been siad. According to the scriptures the day Friday is dedicated  to worship Mahalaxmi. On this day, it's a good sign if a girl giving you a coin. When this happens, you must understand is going to gain money in the near future.

3 . If you are stepping out of house and you see a white cow is a good sign. Black cow is considered not good.

4 . If a person dreams white snake as it is indicated good to Mahalaxmi. When this happens, funding activities in the near future could be a special.

5 . If you goes anywhere you see a white snake good sign for  inward of money.

6 . If a person's dreams frequently water, greenery, Owl's  must understand that in the near future can overcome financial obstacles.

7 . If we are going for important work and on the way in the red sari with make up you  saw a woman, When this happens, the chances of success of the actions in that day are higher.

8 .  if you wake up with temple bells, etc. so it is good to hear the tone.

9 . In the morning to see the sugar cane indicates in the near future may be successful in money matters.

10 . If one wakes up in the morning at the first sight is at pot filled with yogurt or milk, if it is considered a good sign too.

11. When you saw owl in your home or office suddenly must understand that the future is going to be a big advantage. According to the scriptures owl is the vehicle of Mahalakshmi, so if it came in the house, is good.

12. Going on a trip and at your right side-snake, monkey, dog or a bird you see then it is a good omen. Travel is auspicious.

13.  if stepping out of the house on Friday saw a little girl full of water pitcher (matka) on head. If it is filled with water it’s a good sign, but if its empty not good for finances.

14. Stepping out of the house to see if any housekeeping staff is also a good omen.

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