What you date of birth Says about you at this Akshaya tritya

What you date of birth Says about you at this Akshaya tritya

Akshaya Thrithiyai - Symbol of Flourishing Fortunes

Akshaya Thrithiyai - brings home auspiciousness. While this day is considered fortunate for starting new projects and making new acquisitions, it is also said, written in scriptures & believed that by doing a good deed on such a lucky day Akshaya Thrithiyai one can earn punya or merit for all births & life. Being Akshaya day it is believed that Gold, bought on this day, will never reduce and would continue to grow or appreciate.

First thing need to do today morning is to tie lord Vishnu , Narayan 's picture on the front door of the house with mango leaves or cover it partially with mango leaves.

What your Numeroscope says this Akshaya Thrithiya

If your Date of Birth is 01, 10, 19 or 28

Would be difficult to concentrate on work. Need to solve the problems intelligently. Keep yourself engage in work and all important work will be completed.

If your Date of Birth is 02, 11, 20 or 29

So will have to take some tough decisions in the work place  Financial planning will be successful. Personal relationships can cause worry, family disputes in personal life may happen.

If your Date of Birth is 03, 12, 21 or 30

Property disputes may be resolved . Married life will be fine .Old memories can disturb your mind .Try to avoid any negative thoughts

If your Date of Birth is 04, 13, 22 or 31

The planning you did in past will give you good results. Many thoughts will be there in your mind be positive when you take decision. All pending work will be completed.

If your Date of Birth is 05, 14, or 23

Confidence will gain you success.There can be increase in the activities of  opponents.You can also plan to invest in real estate.Love and marriage life will be fine . Family problems will put you into trouble.Soul partner will bring happiness in life.Cooperation by seniors in the job is seen.Opening of new sources of income.You will make future plans .

If your Date of Birth is 06, 15, or 24

There will be hurdle’s in starting a new work  but by the evening you will experience things will be fine . Compromise and forget old things.The love affair will cause family tension.Health problems can be there.Health problem of any family member can upset you . Success at work will  encourage you.You will shine at your work place

If your Date of Birth is 07, 16, or 25

You will leave negative thoughts behind and will start new day with lot of faith and enthusiasm.People around you will appreciate you and your thoughts.

If your Date of Birth is 08, 17, or 26

Take care of health of Spouse. Don’t trust others blindly. Be compromising while taking decision’s as there can be misunderstanding with loved ones

If your Date of Birth is 09, 18, or 27

Career opportunities are in the numeroscope . Control the mind to meet the obligations required . Be Compromising. All pending Work will be completed. Mood Swings can be a problem. Creative ideas can fail.Health concerns for family or spouse may be seen.Don’t trust Stranger think of your own and take decisions accordingly