The secret bonding of Radha & Krishna, not married yet we worship them.

The secret bonding of Radha & Krishna, not married yet we worship them.

The secret bonding of Radha & Krishna, not married yet we worship them

This is something that has to be carefully looked into as there are varying accounts in history to explain why we worship both Krishna and Radha though they were not married. But first thing first, the love between Radha and Krishna was like no other love between ordinary earthlings. It was a divine love between the two.

The fondness and love between Radha and Krishna is referred to as Parakiya. Parakiya means love, not brought by a union called marriage but one that comes through friendship. This kind of relationship is considered to be pure in the spiritual world, but on Earth it is considered adultery and a serious crime to love someone else’s husband or wife.

Since Radha and Krishna were friends since childhood and never got a chance to marry, Radha was married off to someone else after she came of age. However, during their childhood days Krishna used to play his flute and Radha used to hear the mesmerizing songs that were played by him. Many drew references of them being similar to Kishora-Kishori without inebriety.

The story of why they are being worshipped together even though they never got together while they were living on Earth is explained further in history.

Here’s a belief that explains the reason for worshipping Radha and Krishna together.

When Krishna was a child, Radha used to accompany him to all places and too great pleasure in taking care of him. Once as both of them were walking in Bandiravan which is a beautiful and sacred garden they reached a big Banyan tree. Once when they reached the Banyan tree and stood beneath it, by some mystical ways both Radha and Krishna attained their youthful form. Suddenly Lord Brahma came down to the place to bring the two together in a sacred marriage. While Lord Brahma was the priest of the spiritual wedding, many Devi and Devtas were saakshi of the wedding. The sacred union was made when Brahma brought the two together according to rites written in the Vedic culture. During the wedding Radha’s sari was tied in a knot with Krishna’s Dhoti. The ceremony was over and when the guests had left, both Radha and Krishna assumed their childhood forms. Then Radha took Krishna and left him at his mother’s (Yasodha) house and went back home.

In this way, though both Krishna and Radha were never united in a marriage when they were in their human self, the connection was made by the eternal gods and considered to be even more pure than the earthly marriages. In her human form, as kismat would have it, Radha was married to Abhimanyu.

Also, according to the Vedas, Krishna is considered to be the only male in the world also known as Purusha and everyone else is Prakriti or female. By this it is understood that Krishna is everyone’s Pati or he is the husband for every woman in this world.

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