Story of Shivling and Lord Shiv

Story of Shivling and Lord Shiv

Story of Shivling and Lord Shiv

Lord Shiva was one of the blessed trinities, before whom the world bows. Individuals symbolize Shiva with the effective mantra that we as a whole know as Om Namah Shivay. Shiva had clarified about his energy self in the Shiva Purana that he recides in each living being in some Form or the other or even without shape. 

The exacting significance of "Om Namah Shivay" is said to be that "I bow down to lord Shiva." This Mantra is so powerful and has been utilized for a very long time, it is said that that on the off chance that one constantly vibrates this mantra in his heart then he doesn't have any need to perform severities, to ruminate, to practice yoga; in the event that one can't dedicate time to yoga. 

The capable recuperating mantra is valuable for all physical and mental infirmities; it conveys peace to the heart as well as is feeding nectar for the spirit. 

What Is Shiva Lingam? 

The Story behind Shiva lingam starts with the contention between the other trinity divine forces of Hinduism: the maker god, Brahma and Lord Vishnu. They couldn't choose about the presence and precisely Shiva's identity? To which a "Segment of Light" in connection to this, showed up before them in the month of Margasheersha and on the date of Poornima. At the point, coinciding with astrological predictions, when both the divine beings neglected to comprehend the starting and the end of Shiva Lingam, then Shiva showed up in his noticeable frame and lectured the two divine beings the significance of his actual presence. 

As indicated by Shiva Purana, Shiva disclosed to the two divine beings that there existed his two structures: Sakala (with frame) and Nishkala (Without shape). This section of light has no end and no starting and consequently is my actual frame. As Sakala, I exist as a Brahman on earth and Maheshawara as the Nishkala frame. 

When i have sixteen Kalaas (Sakala), I exist as a Brahman and when i show rough vitality, then i am a Brahman. A Brahman is the maker of all. Lingam delineates my amorphous Brahman control. 

One who has built up Shiva Lingam (Parad) in his life, he gets Sayuja Moksha or my unceasing organization forever.