Our Ancient Scriptures Garuda Purana Reveals, Secrets of Mother's Womb!

Our Ancient Scriptures Garuda Purana Reveals, Secrets of Mother's Womb!

Our Ancient Scriptures Garuda Purana Reveals, Secrets of Mother's Womb!

The Secrets of Mother's Womb? Which Our Ancient Scriptures Reveals!

A very proud moment for a mother to feel such a glorious time of 9 months to keep a new life in her womb. As it is said that whatever a mother eats or drinks it directly goes to a fetus and that a fetus becomes a Baby. That all is written in our Ancient Hindu mythology and carved on the walls of some famous spiritual temples of India.

 As it is written in our ancient texts, especially in Garuda Purana is one of the 18  Mahapuranas of Hinduism. That predicts very unknowing facts of birth, life and death. It is clearly mentioned in Garuda Purana that when a fetus develops in the woman's womb it passes through many difficulties till he takes birth he chants and remembers God! Anything which a fetus thinks and feels in the womb that is also even described in Garuda Purana which only a mother can feels and explains.     

When a woman conceives a baby (egg) it takes a shape of a flesh after   10 days of pregnancy. As times passes that flesh develops a brain in itself, in another month (second month) it develops bones, nails, ears and face etc...The epidermis (outer skin) of that flesh and blood circulation develops in fourth month. After fourth month a baby starts feeling thirst and hunger.

Through umbilical cord a baby attaches with a uterus, it's a crucial time for a baby to be in a small area because the size and space in less to move for a baby the situation is like putting a big bird in a small cage. Holly Garuda Purana reveals that a baby takes a position with folded hands as we do while we stand in front of god we bow down for him same as a baby folds his hands as he remembers God there in the womb. 

Every single thing which consumes by the mother reaches to fetus  and releases some toxic inside the womb, which makes an uneven situation for a baby because of germs, which is there in the womb. Which causes a pain for the mother. As we heard that a mother says my baby starts kicking because of those germs suffering. In the sixth month a baby starts rotating in the mother's womb. 

Garuda Purana, also tells another secret that a baby gets his/her wisdom in seventh month here a baby thinks that there is a world outside this wall and feels  a little scary that he may forget God's name if he comes out from  the wall and then a baby starts praying to God. In baby's mind a prays go to Lord Vishnu and keep on asking for Moksha in the life which is about to begin for a new born. A baby which is innocent there in the womb asks Lord Vishnu not to come out in the world which is made of criminals, lies which he had not meant for him/her.

the 9th month, and breathes for the first time, he loses memory of what he had thought and prayed for inside the womb. Since he forgets everything, he cries.

NOTE: We respect whatever science and technologies, says. As we follow more technology and stopped reading our Vedic Shastras, and its written facts. When it is ancient it is moreover true and factual.