Secrets from Numerology about your Weight

Secrets from Numerology about your Weight

Secrets from Numerology about your Weight

1. What Does Numerology Say About Your Weight

You need to sum the date, month and year of birth in order to obtain a single digit number to determine the persons looks and body shape as he or she have astonishing to the numerology and the date of birth accordingly. 

2. Numerology and Weight 

For example, if your date of birth is 11.04.1994 you need to do the following : 1 1 0 5 1 9 9 4 = 30 = 3 0 = 3. Therefore, 3 is the single digit number that determines your body shape. Hence, with this calculation you can obtain the single-digit number and get your individual number.

3. The Number 1

With their vibrant metabolism they have a well toned and slim figure. And so they hardly suffer from body weight related troubles.

4. The Number 2

These people are making the biggest mistake of not eating enough food as they are prone to obesity. They don’t know which food to consume and stay on diet often. Exercise, fruits and vegetables are few things they should give good attention to.

5. The Number 3

The spiritual burden has a telling effect on the weight of these people. They are also pessimistic about life and the way things happen. They are very keenly sided to negativity.

6. The Number 4

Lack of exercises causes extreme hunger which in turn leads to the accumulation of fats on the body. These people are therefore recommended to engage in some kind of activity to keep shape.

7. The Number 5

These people are positive about life and are hence usually in the perfect frame. So love life and keep away those fats.

8. The Number 6

To keep their nice figure they should eat moderately. This keeps the body of these people in a good shape. They are also considered lucky ones by other numbers.

9. The Number 7

Emotional matters cause these people to take up weight and hence a good relationship with partners, family and friends is needed to maintain weight.

10. The Number 8 

Accumulation of fats is caused by anger issues. And therefore they are to keep their anger in level and learn to forgive others easily.

11. The Number 9

Removing the extra fats is quite a task for these people. They are easily prone to obesity and other fat issues.The only best way is to prevent the accumulation as we all know prevention is better than cure. The best way to prevent is to avoid eating fruits that are citric in nature.

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