Secret of Palmistry

Secret of Palmistry

Palmistry:Reveal Secret of your life by Reading of your 3 bracelet lines

Today Kismat Conection will reveal the secret of Palmistry and will make you understood how three bracelet line is palm can reveal your future. Be connected to your Kismat only with Kismat Conection


Palmistry: Reading of your 3 bracelet lines

Over the years, humans havebeen seeking to make sense of the secrets of future by means of astrology,palmistry and Numerology, but only some mastered the skills worth seeing that.Foretelling the longer term via studying strains on human body is a commonlypracticed subculture all over the world.

 Reading hidden between thelines

Like the horizontal,curved, crooked traces for your palms, the traces over your wrists too have loads to disclose about your well being, love and lifestyles. The phase whichconnects your palm with the rest of the hand is referred to as wrists, and thelines covering it are known as Bracelet lines.

Secrets of the bracelet lines


To begin with we endorse toutterly wash your hands and moisturize them to get a transparent view of thesebracelet strains. Now with a ball point pen, begin marking these tracescovering the entire curves and cuts.

(Do not try to check thison babies, as they are still growing and their lines are yet to formed.)

 Now count them in numbers…

Extra the quantity of bracelet lines, longer you're going to live. You probably have just one line, it states that life expectancy isseen 25-28 years, which is quite rare. In case you have two bracelet rings, itindicates 45-57 years of lifespan. Presence of three strains manner existence expectancy is as much as eighty five years. Greater than three means lifestylesexpectancy more than 85. Most commonly, we have three lines, having four is just not seen in every hand.

First Bracelet  Line

Now focus on your first bracelet line, if it is clear and unbroken, then it implies that the nature of person has just good human being and is with sound physical. If you happen todetect breaks and cuts, and find the line is not formed nicely or collectedupwards then it means the man or woman is reckless and tolerant.

For Ladies/Women

In case there's a curve upwards going into the base of palm, then it means that the girl will have gynecological problems, like drawback in conceiving, complications through out delivery or irregular mensurations.

For Men

If  first bracelet line is curved upwards into thestarting of palm, or whether it is crooked and broken then it implies that theywill incur problems related to prostate, fertility or urinary.

Second Bracelet Line

This one is a sign ofprosperity, wealth, and happiness in an individual life. Whether it is clearwith less cuts than you're in for some excellent news, however in case thereare plenty of damaged gaps or crooked gushes over the line, it manner the manor woman would battle to keep the balance in his life in phrases of happinessand prosperity. Kismat depends on how clear is your line of bracelet.

Third Bracelet Line

It's related to one’s profession, success and popularity. In the event you notice that the line is obvious, a little gentle however with none gaps then it signifies that the individual will probably be quite influential for the period of his life.

Fourth Bracelet Line

This one is reallyinfrequent, so when you have then it’s particularly just right. When you havethis line, you will realize it will be distinctive parallel to the 1/3 bracelet line and it's to maximize and toughen the effects of the 3rd line.


If there is a chain like structure on your lines then it means that your life might have to more struggles in life, and also you will experience hard connection of your kismat  in life but you will enjoy the journey overcoming them.

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