Secret Facts about Panchmukhi Hanumaan and Ravana brother Ahiravan!

Secret Facts about Panchmukhi Hanumaan and Ravana brother Ahiravan!

Secret Facts about Panchmukhi Hanumaan and Ravana brother Ahiravan!

Though Ramayana and Mahabharata are the two most well-known epics among people of all ages in India, not everyone knows almost every character in these two stories.

For instance, the presence of a character named Ahiravan could have been easily missed by a lot of people. Ahiravan was the brother of Raavan, the demon king from Lanka responsible for abducting Sita. While Raavan ruled Lanka, his brother Ahiravan was the ruler of Paatal Lok. He was a master of trickery and a practitioner of black magic. He was as strong as Raavan’s son Indrajit. According to the holy books when Indrajit was killed by the Vaanar Seva at the hands of Lakshman, Raavan summoned Ahiravan to fight alongside him in the battle against Ram and Lakshman. When Raavan sought for his help, Ahiravan pledged that he would capture Ram and Lakshman and offer them to Mahamaya, the Goddess of Illusions. This vow of Ahiravan came to the knowledge of Vibhikshan and he warned Hanuman to protect Ram and Lakshman with his life. He also told Hanuman to not trust anyone and not let anyone near both brothers when they were asleep at night in their tent.

Hanuman took every advice of Vibhikshan and decided to protect both Ram and Lakshman with his life. However, as kismat would have it, Ahiravan disguised himself as Vibhikshan and came to the tent where both brothers were sleeping. He saw Hanuman guarding the tent and somehow managed to convince the loyal monkey. Hanuman mistook Ahiravan for the real Vibhikshan and let him enter the tent of Ram and Lakshman. Ahiravan then took both of them in their sleep to Paatal Lok.

It was only in the morning that Hanuman came to the realization that he was tricked by the cunning Ahiravan and made a pledge to Vibhikshan that he would bring back both Ram and Lakshman and then kill Ahiravan. According to numerology predictions, Hanuman went to Paatal Lok, the residence of King Ahiravan.

When Hanuman reached the place, he saw that the fort was heavily guarded and one of the main guards was Makardhwaja, a half Vanara and half fish who happened to be his son. Hanuman defeated his son and entered the palace of Ahiravan. It was then that King Ahiravan began to mock Hanuman saying that he cannot be killed in his own kingdom.

Hanuman realized that there was some connection between 5 strange looking lamps facing different directions in the kingdom. He came to the understanding that these lamps were secret to the powers of Ahiravan and that the Paatal Lok king could only be defeated if all the lamps were extinguished at the same time.

Hanuman recalled what was written in holy books as Panchamukha Anjaneya form. The 5 faces of Hanuman including his own faced four directions. Hanuman’s face was facing east, Varaha to the south, Garuda to the west and Narsimha to the North. Meanwhile, the fifth face called Hayagriva faced upwards. When Hanuman extinguished all lamps, he was sure that Ahiravan was weakened and then killed him with a single stroke of the knife.

Then according to what astrology says, Hanuman brought back Ram and Lakshman to their place. The next day, Ram and Lakshman fought the war against the demons from Lanka and this was when Ram killed Raavan to put an end to the war.

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