Repetition of these letters brings ill effects to your name.

Repetition of these letters brings ill effects to your name.

Repetition of these letters brings ill effects to your name

Repetition of these letters brings ill effects to your name.

Naming your child is an important task, parents have the responsibility to name the child. The naming ceremony is also known as Namkaran Sanskar in Hinduism, these ceremonies and practices differ according to the religions and ethnicities. Since ancient times purohits used to suggest the first letter of the name after following prayers to the almighty.

To extract the first letter of the name, which in ancient times was customary practice nowadays these practices have changed. Today, based on the calculation of Astrology and Numerology by priests best character is adjusted, by which the name is taken.

But while we name the child, after the first letter of the English word how many letters are used, has a profound effect on the life and nature of the child. Moreover, how many letters in that particular name has been repeated and how many times, is an important point. It also has a unique relationship with our lives. For example, my name is Pashmeen. The name in English 'E' letter is repeated twice. It is believed that the repetition of characters impacts positively or negatively on our nature. Repeated in my name 'E' letter will have any effect on the course of my nature. To know the effect of the repeated letters in your name, let us read below:

Letters A, I, J, Q, Y

If in your name in English letters A, I, J, Q or Y is being repeated you are adventurous in nature. Your fearless nature appears in your daily activities. Also you are strong enough to be aware of the others nature and do not let them dominate upon you. You consider yourself a human being of a good class in the world. You are crazy to earn money and succeed in life, though you have a nature of helping people. You never set back in helping anybody.

Letter B, K, R

Next on the list are the letters B, K and R. If your name has these repeated letters you are emotional human being. You are heat touched with anything soon this is disturbing at times for you. You may be an interesting person. You love Music and artistic things. Also, you like to help people and you are humble.

Letters C, G, L, S

If you have these letters in your name you are imaginative, this is why people falling in this category are artistic. These people are artistically famous or not, but the world comes to know about their artistic talent somehow. The repetition of these letters may have negative impact also, the people with repetition of these characters in their name can be selfish. You may also notice low confidence in such people.

Letters D, M, T

If these letters are repeated in your name it impacts positively rather than impacting negatively. The people with these characters, are skilled with Business sense and go a long way.

Letters E, H, N, X

People who have these letters repeated in their name achieve early success. They find success in social and legal field. But if these characters are repeated excessively they effect negatively. If any of these characters in a name is repeated seven or even more times it brings negative impacts on the nature and success. This brings unwanted difficulties in life and domestic life is at risk of being destroyed.

Letters U, V, W

If your name in English U, V or W letter has been used more than once, it makes you a responsible person. Also, these people are romantic in nature and responsible for others.

Letters O, Z

If letter O or Z in your name repeats more than once you are a cool person. Such people love to exercise and meditate. That is why these people live in crowded areas and stay away from family concerns.

Letters P, F

Repetition of P or F letter in the name makes you nature strong. Along with the positive energy in the home this brings the same vibration in the business too. Such people enjoy happy family. But often these people are found in to do excessive expenditure.

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