Plants that bring BAD LUCK in life

Plants that bring BAD LUCK in life

Plants that bring BAD LUCK in life

A house work as per Vaastu science is considered to get the bliss and delights of life. Additionally, if the plants in your home are not Vaastu agreeable, it could unfavorably influence your life. 
1. Vastu for Plants 
Here are a portion of the principles that should be taken after to guarantee that your home is Vaastu agreeable furthermore a few tips to help you select the plant… 

2. Vastu Shastra 
Individuals for the most part keep Tulsi and cash plant in homes since they bring flourishing and good fortunes, as per Vastu Shastra. Yet, not very many of us think about the plants that ought NOT be kept in a house, on the grounds that vedic sciences and even Feng Shui consider them to bring negative vitality. 

3. Feng Shui tips 

As indicated by Feng Shui setting live plants in your home and office adjusts the stream of vitality. To make your home Vaastu-accommodating, here are a few tips about which plants you ought to abstain from keeping at home. 

4. Desert plant 
Desert plant or related plants that are prickly (aside from rose) ought to never be kept in the house. 

5. Bonsai 

As indicated by Vastu and according to numerology reading and astrological predictions, plants with red blooms and bonsai trees ought not be kept inside the house. Nonetheless, you may keep them in an open space or garden. 

6. Tamarind (Imli) and Myrtle (Mehandi) 
It is trusted that detestable spirits stay in tamarind and myrtle tree; subsequently, care ought to be taken to abstain from building a house where such trees are available. 


7. Dead plants 
Never keep dead or biting the dust plants at home. Indeed, even dry blooms are viewed as misfortune. 

8. Babul 
Prickly trees including Babul can make debates and problems at home.

9. Cotton 
Cotton plant, Silky cotton plant and Palmyra tree (a sort of palm tree) are additionally viewed as unfavorable when planted around a house. 

10. Pruned plants in North 
Be it little or huge, abstain from keeping pruned plants along the North and East dividers of the house. 

11. Enormous or tall trees in East 
Tall trees, if exhibit in the East or North-East course of the house, exude negative vitality.