Numerology predicts, improve luck while you sleep

Numerology predicts, improve luck while you sleep

Numerology predicts, improve luck while you sleep

1. Boost Good Luck with Sleep

 As a human body needs a rest so as our eyes, which works whole day needs rest too. Through sleeping for 6 hours it can reduce the stress, but also gives chance, but revitalize our body for the following day.

2. Vedic benefits of sleeping

As a beneficial secret of sleeping is which for we all are unaware of that brings good fortunes in the life! Amazing fact, it is!

3. Astrology and Numerology tips

Hindu Astrology says that with the help of these simple tips or putting into your lifestyle can enhance the chances of good luck, the tips must be not followed at bedtime. Believe us it would be amazingly  helpful, if one can follow these tips right going before bed and brings a good fortune too.

4. Benefits of sleeping

 If someone troubles you or disturbs you while sleeping, you can present this article and make them aware to from the facts-

 #1. If your bed has  a side table if not then in that case you can keep a bowl made up with bronze metal (Peetal) bowl filled with water in it and keep overnight besides you and next morning pour that all water into plants (if money plant)

 #2. People and astrology say that read before you sleep not only for the peace of mind, but it also distresses you at a certain level and brings positivity in your life. Note- The reading material can be mythological , spiritual or anything which gives inspiration.

#3. While going to sleep, wash your feet. Astrology explains that if the water is warm it would be good to apply coconut oil and camphor mixture after wash them off. It gives relaxation to your nerve and heals brain too. That's not it even it brings good luck and reboots your aura.

#4.Walk of 15 minutes before sleeping give good health and chanting the name of Vishnu Mantra will boost good luck and brings fortune into lives.

#5. Weight loss regime before sleeping

 Losing weight is a serious issue these days and pre-sleep management is also necessary for us. Body slows down at night and needs no energy. Eating up nutrients in the evening helps you to store body fat inactive.

#6. Eating checklist

 Putting amino acids into your diet will help you to sleep better and you will not get disturbances while sleeping, this will also help to reduce stress hormones and ghrelin levels in body causing weight gain. Try to eat Grilled chicken, turkey or lamb before sleep.

# snacking on bed

 The Study says that, watching tv and eating is a bad habit which consumes more calories. A factual thing is and said by scientists too, that one should not have anything solid before 7 pm. Follow the instructions for 6 weeks and see the difference in yourself.

#Exercise on bed

 An exhausted day ,if you have not a time to work out, so simply you can  lay down on your bed and move it. Raise your leg, make a boat pose, cycling, and do crunches etc.

#. Enjoy warm cup of green tea

 It's known that green tea gives rejuvenates your body, but while you are sleeping, it helps to reduce toxins and works out on your body all over the night.