Lord Vishnu and interesting facts of his life one should know

Lord Vishnu and interesting facts of his life one should know

Lord Vishnu and interesting facts of his life one should know


As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is thought to be the God of the world. The mythology discusses two countenances of Lord Vishnu. On one hand, he is appeared as calm, charming and tender. Be that as it may, his second face is dangerous where he is appeared in an agreeable stance on Kalswarup Sheshnag (ruler of snakes).

It is composed in the sacred texts about Lord Vishnu that - 'Shantakaram Bhujagshayanam' ''''शान्ताकारं भुजगशयनं' This implies calm Vishnu laying on the serpent (Sheshnag). Seeing this type of Lord Vishnu surprisingly a question that surfaces in everyone's psyche is how might one be so quiet sitting under the ruler of snakes? A prompt answer that takes after is, he is God and it is workable for him. There are numerous different forces and mysteries of Lord Vishnu, which can stun you. 

1. What is the mystery of Lord Vishnu laying on the Sheshnag?  

Each snapshot of life is identified with the obligations and duties. The most vital of every one of them incorporate obligations towards family, social and monetary duty. In any case, to satisfy these obligations one needs to take a considerable measure of endeavors and experience numerous issues, which are extremely unnerving like Kalrupi Sheshnag and make uneasiness.

The peaceful face of Lord Vishnu then again moves us to try to avoid panicking and be persistent in these intense circumstances. With a peaceful state of mind towards issues one can make progress.

Lord Vishnu also have declared that his last birth on earth in a name of KALKI will end Kaliyuga. You can read here what he all said in Bhaagwad Puraaan 

2. Why Lord Vishnu's name is Narayan?  

According to Hindu fanciful, Lord Vishnu's prime devotee, Narad, used to continue droning his name � Narayan. From that time all names of Lord Vishnu are taken by including Narayan in it. For instance: Satyanarayan, Anantnarayan, Lakshminarayan, Sheshnarayan and Dhruvnaryan among others.

In spite of the fact that many individuals realize that Lord Vishnu is otherwise called Narayan, yet not very many know the mystery behind it. According to a legend, water was conceived from the feet of Lord Vishnu. The name of Ganges River, "Vishnupadodki" that turned out from the feet of Lord Vishnu, highlights this reality. Additionally, water is known as "Neer" or "Nar" and where Lord Vishnu stays is likewise water. In this manner, from "Nar" his name Narayan is framed. This implies, God living inside water. 

3. What is the importance of his another name 'Hari'?  

You more likely than not heard Lord Vishnu's is also called as 'Hari'. In any case, we will let you know why he is called so. As indicated by the sacred texts, Hari implies remover. It is said that 'Hari Harati Papani', which implies that Hari is the God that expels sin and issues from one's life.

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