Lord Krishna told the secret of reincarnation in Bhagavad Gita

Lord Krishna told the secret of reincarnation in Bhagavad Gita

Lord Krishna told the secret of reincarnation in Bhagavad Gita

1. What happens after death?

 For the last few decades the concept of rebirth has been studied and investigated. There is no technical theory that supports the phenomena of rebirth, the fact is that life after death do exist.

2. The mystery of life

 What accurately happens? After death is something that is covered in the unknown a few facts that would help you better to recognize the concept of the life after death. 

3. Nothing ends

 The concept of life after death, we should know and learn that nothing in this world ends for good, not even after death-only the unpreserved body is demolished while the soul has been around forever. 

4. A new body

 Soul, more often than not obtains a new body soon after death and post that, a new human is born on the earth.If the death has been abnormal like murder or suicide, then it is likely that the soul floats around in order to know some hidden answers.

5. Shri Krishna

 The spiritual Bhagavad Gita, Krishna has also gestated that death is not the end of life he said that the whole universe is roaming around the border of rebirth and rebirth and the journey never stops.

6. Deepest desires

  Lord Krishna also said if a person died unpredictably he/ she has some deep wishes in him, then that person will surely take a birth again. Whatever the needs and desires are not fully filled in his birth he will absolutely take a new birth again.

7. The reincarnation

Bhagavad Gita , also stated and it is relevantly believed, that one can decide oneself that what he/she wanted to become in his/her next birth if you have strong will power to become something,you may get in in your next birth.

8. Humans and animals

 If someone thought of a dog might just become a dog in ones next birth, while those thought of cats will become cats. Amongst humans too, genders are obvious by which gender do you feel more strongly about. 

9. Unfulfilled wishes

 As said above, if someone dies with lot of unsatisfied wishes, he/she will not be released from the chains of life and death so easily. That person's soul becomes a ghost and roam around mortal life till he achieves mukti or freedom.

10. Hitting the head

 As we all know, that the body is only perishable so in Hinduism, when a dead body cremated, the center of bodies forehead hit by sharp stick for 3 times so that the person will not keep all old memories with him and starts the next life afresh. 

11. Seven lives

It is known in human life, each soul goes up through seven forms of rebirths and each time, while the body is new, the soul remains the same --- after the seven life cycles are complete and the soul is automatically free from the chains of life and death.

12. Karma

 Karma says that- both good and bad decides our fate for the next life --- Karma does not have any menu card whatever you, serve you will get it in return, While poor karma can make us be born in poor conditions.

13. Soon after

 Even it is also a true fact that a soul leaves a body which is having no life with very immediate effect, it might not enter a new body as soon as possible- and just because of your karma one will get the new body. Which solely depends on one's karma.

14. Memories

 Our memories, from the beginning of the time are stored in our lifeless mind. However, few of us are able to recall those memories- an even if we do, we disremember about them soon after.

15. Third eye

 In Hindu Dharma, that center of one's forehead is our third eye like Lord Shiva, the third eye is not unlocked easily, but contains all our ancient recollections.

16. Experiences

 Not only humans, but souls also take lessons from a life cycle (Chakra). When life ends.Not only us humans, but souls to take life lessons from a life cycle. When a life ends, the soul takes with it some teachings and learnings which it uses in its future lives.

17. One lesson

 Not only this, each life cycle is home to one specific life lesson. E.g.- while in this birth, your soul might learn self-awareness, the next birth, it might learn about self-control.


18. 100 lifetimes

 In  the beginning of time, It has seen been 100 lifetimes for one person sometimes, a person is not born till it attains himself/herself 

19. Race and creed

 The human being will be in same form or another, connected to their last birth- --- occasionally, a soul is born into the same family or even born in the same race, caste or creed.

20. Male and female

We will revive as both male and females, often in an equal number. This in turn upholds the symmetry of the universe and hence it is also said that the soul has no gender.