Know the correct way of wearing Pukhraj Gemstone

Know the correct way of wearing Pukhraj Gemstone

Know the correct way of wearing Pukhraj Gemstone

You must be very well aware of the wonderful benefits of wearing a Pukhraj stone. If you are yearning to get yourself one, then stop and read these instructions before going ahead.

The Pukhraj being the teacher among all planets is the key to a healthy living, prosperity, wealth, and wisdom to its bearer. Though the Pukhraj stone suits almost everyone, it is important that you verify the compatibility of the stone based on your astrological charts with a renowned astrologer. This way, you would come to know whether according to astrology predictions you can indeed wear the stone or should you avoid it. You have to ensure this because gemstones have the power to impact the natural energy fields of the wearer and hence wearing an unsuitable gem can have adverse effects on you.

Once you have verified that you are compatible to wear the Pukhraj stone, it is time to move on and look at the important procedures/steps that must be followed in connection to wearing your gem.

1.It has to be kept in mind that you buy the stone when the Nakshatra is Vishakha, Punarvasu, Pushya, or Purva Bhadrapad. Also, you can buy the stone on a Thursday during Shukla Paksha which is the ascending cycle of the moon.

2.Always remember that the stone has to be worn on Thursday morning at dawn.

3.Never buy a Pukhraj stone from an uncertified dealer. This is because inauthentic stones do not have the same positive effect of an authentic stone and can hence cause harm to the wearer.

4.Be careful with the metal you choose to put the stone upon in a ring. Mostly, gold and silver are preferred and you can go with either one of them.

5.Always be sure to put the stone on the ring which has an open mount. This open mount will ensure that the stone touches the finger thereby spreading the positive vibes and energy throughout the body of the wearer.

6.The ring has to be worn on the index finger/first finger in the right hand.

7.Make sure that the stone has an ideal weight. The preferable weight of the stone is two carats or more. Keep in mind that more the weight of the stone, then more is its power on the wearer.

8. Before you wear the ring sit in the North, East, or Northeast position on an yellow-colored asana. You have to dip the Pukhraj stone in raw cow milk for 10 minutes and then clean it using Gangajal or water that has been kept in a copper pot overnight. After washing the ring, keep it in a yellow cloth on which the Jupiter Yantra has been drawn.

9. Now, it is time to offer prayers and flowers with incense and chant this below mantra 108(one hundred eight) times -

"Aum Brim Brahaspataye Namah Aum" or Sri Dakshinamoorthy Stotram or "Om Namah Shivaaya"

     (i) You can now go ahead and wear the ring.

     (ii) The ring will have its power on the wearer for 3 to 4 years.

   (iii) Always remember to clean the Yellow sapphire stone with a soft brush. Dust if accumulated under the ring can reduce the power of  the ring and decrease the effect of positive energy on the wearer.