Know the Secret of KALKI the last avtaar of Lord Vishnu in Kaliyuga

Know the Secret of KALKI the last avtaar of Lord Vishnu in Kaliyuga

Know the Secret of "KALKI" the last avtaar of Lord Vishnu in Kaliyuga

Know the Secret of "KALKI" the last avtaar of Lord Vishnu in Kaliyuga

Secrets from Pages of Bhagwat Puran - exclusive at Kismat Conection

1. The Four Yugas


According to Hindu religious documents, our yugs are divided into four parts. The Satyug, when the human mind did not had any sort of greed and jealousy.  Tretayug, this is said to be beginning of evil and then Dvaparyug when more than half humanity turned into negativity. Kaliyug when there will be sway of sin all around.

2. Phase of destruction

The phase of destruction has been called kaliyug . This is the time when a person will rarely free of sin.

3. Kaliyug in Bhagwat Puraan

Description of the current situation of kaliyug had been stated in the bhagavata purana long ago. Bhagavata purana's earlier prediction is that the identity of the person in this yug will be on the basis of monetary standards. He will not hesitate to shed blood of their relatives and friends.

4. Life of people

The importance of faith, patience, love and cooperation from the person's life ends.

5. Masculinity

Male and female will be together for body wishes only. Masculinity will be seen only by the man’s power of getting intimate.

6. Corruption                


The Earth will be full of corrupt people and these corrupt people will capture the most power.

7. Weather Conditions

The weather situation will be totally out of control. Due to the extremely cold, heat and ice temperature the weather will be distured. Because of this human life will be suffering from thirst, hunger and disease.

8. Protecting the elderly people

In the kaliyug person's maximum age will remain a mere 50 years and they won't be able to protect the elderly or care for them.

9. The 10th Avatar

In the bhagavata purana written centuries ago it is described that, when in kaliyug Lord Vishnu will take an Avatar as "Kalki" then his tenth avatar Kalki will end the kaliyug.

10. End of Kaliyug

Bhagavata purana also mentioned that the kaliyug will be end by Kalki but before that people living on earth will have to suffer a lot.

Want to know what will be according to the bhagavata purana kaliyug before end of things?

11. Cow on Earth

According to bhagavata purana just before the end of kaliyug people will eat only fish and goat's milk to lead a life, as there will be no cow left on earth.

12. Womens Nature

Women will speak extremely bitter and negativity will drive into their character. They will nomore be ruled by father or husband.

13. Independent Life

A person living on Earth in any way will not be interested in Vedic and religious functions, he will lead a independent life.

14. Age of people

A normal person will just live for 16 years of age and at the age of 7-8 girls will attain pregnancy. There will be no single religious places on Earth and the light of stars will be less frequent. Such conditions will be born in the next and last avatar of Vishnu ' Kalki '.