Know 10 Unknown Secrets from Ramayan

Know 10 Unknown Secrets from Ramayan

Know 10 Unknown Secrets from Ramayan

Essentially the most believed epic story of the delivery of Rama and Sita together with many others and their experience is known as Ramayana. Though the customary is believed to be the work of sage Valmiki, there are additionally different models written with the aid of many other saints and Veda pundits such as the Tulasidas, sant Eknath, and so on.


Although each variant describes the story in one-of-a-kind approach but the important define is the same. It’s dated to the 4th and 5th B.C.

Most of us be aware of the story of Ramayana nonetheless; there are exact secrets concerning the epic that persons don’t recognize. At present we can inform you about 10 unheard things about Ramayana :-

1. Raavan was  brilliant player of Veena

Raavan was the king of all demons. As a little one he used to be feared via the entire folks when you consider that of his ten heads. He was a organization believer of Lord Shiva. It’s a identified thing that Ravana was once also an excellent pupil and studied the Vedas, however the reason of getting the instrument veena as a symbol in his flag is that he was once also an great participant of veena. Though so much of consideration was not given to this artwork in him, he liked taking part in this instrument.

2. Lakshman also well-known as Gudakesh

It's believed that Lakshman didn't sleep for the complete interval of the exile of 14 years with a view to protect brother and sister- in-law.

Given that of this he's referred to as Gudakesh. When the goddess of sleep regarded before him on the first night time of the their exile to the forests and when Rama and Sita have been asleep, Lakshman requested the goddess to provide him no sleep for the entire 14 years, so that he will also be awake to guard his liked brother and Sita.

The goddess was once impressed by this and granted the boon on a  that anybody else has to bear his sleep. On Lakshman request the goddess visited his wife Urmila, sister of Sita. Urmila agreed to share her husband loss of sleep, and accordingly slept for complete 14 years. Therefore the purpose she isn't a lot within the story, but a strong motive for serving to Laksman to kill Ravana son Meghnad.

3. Laksman Rekha episode not in Valmiki Ramayana
One of the most intriguing episodes of the entire Ramayana story is the Lakshman Rekha, in which Lakshman attracts a line circled their hut within the forest. When Sita requests to trap the deer, Rama follows it and tries to kill when it takes the type of a demon Maricha. At the time of loss of life the Rakshasa cries out for Lakshmana and Sita in the voice of Rama. So Sita urges Lakshmana to head and support his brother as he might be in some trouble situation.


Though Lakshmana was once reluctant to start with to leave her alone within the forests, he concurs to go as he should obey Sita’s requests and aid his brother if he is indeed in predicament. As a result to preserve her he draws a line across the hut, through which nobody can enter inside, if that is so any one enters, they burn to ashes and requests Sita not to step out of it until his and Rama return. The unknown fact of this episode is that, the story will not be part of either Valmiki’s version of Ramayan or Ramacharitamanas. But within the Lanka Kanda variation of Ramacharitmanas, its been stated by Mandodari spouse of Ravana, when he boasts of his force and his wife aspects out to him that he might no longer even pass the line drawn through Lakshmana

4.Forest where Rama, Sita and Lakshmana stayed
We all know that the epic story of Ramayana is all concerning the Rama and Sita together with Lakshmana going to the wooded area for 14 years and defeating the king of demons Ravana and their return again to the dominion. Much consideration was once because they spent decades in the forest but just a few recognize which was the forest or its title. Dandakaranya is believed to be the forest where Rama, Sita and Lakshmana spent their exile years. It covers about 35,600 rectangular miles of land which entails ingredients of Chattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Andhrapradesh. The forest is believed to be a dwelling of most frightened demons then; hence it’s known as Dankaranya that means Dandakas- punished and aranya- wooded area.

5. Kumbhakarn slept because of Indra being jealous
Yet one other interesting story of Ramayana is the mighty sleeper Kumbakarn. Kumbakarn, brother of Raavan is among the most vast size and one who had a starvation as no person other could ever have. Although he was once a rakshasas, he used to be believed to be a just right personality. It’s known that Kumbakarn slept for six months consistently and will get up only for a day to consume once more.

However the fact to this is he was now not like that always. Whilst doing a yagna, Brahma appeared before him and was about to grant a boon. Indra was once jealous of this and was once afraid, as a consequence he requested Goddess Saraswati to maintain his tongue and Kumbakarn requested for Nidrasana as an alternative of Indrasana. Most of us do not know this part of the story and when Kumbakarn used to be in opposition to to fight Rama, and told Raavan as its wrong. Though he fought, to obey his brother and used to be killed within the combat by means of Rama.

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