Importance of worshiping Tulsi Plant !!!

Importance of worshiping Tulsi Plant !!!

Importance of worshiping Tulsi Plant !!!

It has been for many years that this tradition has been in our midst. Our elders and parent always worship the tulsi plant. But, why?

To answer this question, we take a reference from Sanskrit.

“Tulanaa naasti athaiva tulsi”

This means, the one that is incomparable is tulsi.

It is also said that in connection to worshipping of deities in Hinduism and in general, tulsi plant is very important. It is the starting point of worship for many gods in the world. For example, Lord Vishnu and his incarnations are worshipped by worshipping the Tulsi plant. The power of Tulsi plant is that its leaf can be recycled and used in the puja after washing it in water. It is a self-purifying plant.

What does the Hindu Mythology and Legend Say About Tulsi Plant?

There are many legends associated with the Tulsi plant and most of them talk about one thing or the other that hails the cleanliness and importance of the plant, here is how one legend goes:

Tulsi is said to be the devoted wife of a celestial being named Shankhachud. She somehow came to a little realization that Lord Krishna had played a mischief on her and led her to sinning. She, on her suspicion cursed Krishna saying that he be stoned for life. Seeing her devotion, righteousness and purity for her husband, the Lord Krishna blessed her with the boon that she will be one day worshipped as a plant in her name and be worshipped before all other Hindu deities are worshipped.

There is another legend which says that Tulsi was married to Lord Vishnu with all the pomp that one could imagine and as kismat would have it would lead the life of a blessed lady. All Lords blessed her abundantly and she was symbolised as Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu. The wedding set a benchmark in the Hindu wedding system with the onset of ‘Tulsi Vivaah’ . As kismat would have it and according to astrology predictions, Tulsi is worshipped as a plant that is a celestial body and one that is credited with sustaining the life cycle on the planet.